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Electric GIANT vibratory plate in production

GP1950E with charger
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GP1950E with charger


GIANT GP1950E is the first to be equipped with an electric Honda engine


After an intensive period of development and testing, TOBROCO-GIANT is the first European manufacturer to have permission from Honda Engines to take an electric vibratory plate into serial production. The GIANT GP1950E is not only TOBROCO-GIANT's first electric compaction machine but also marks the start of a complete product line of electric rammers and vibratory plates.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

The electrically powered GIANT GP1950E is equipped with  a motor power of 1,6 kW and is specially designed for heavy work. The vibratory plate weighs 103 kg and delivers an impact force of 19,1 kN. Depending on the surface this can result into a speed of 32 m/min  which makes the performance equivalent to the diesel and petrol variant (GP1950B and GP1950D).

The lack of emissions makes the vibratory plate extremely suitable for work in city centres, residential areas and around schools. But working without emissions also allows the GIANT GP1950E to be used in trenches and tunnels as the operator and bystanders  are not bothered by exhaust gases.

Lithium-ion technology

The GP1950E is driven by a completely new developed electric engine from Honda. The engine manufacturer has already been known for years because of its reliability  which is why  GIANT vibratory plates and rammers have been fitted with gasoline engines of this Japanese brand for many years.

Because of the GXE2.0H motor and the lithium-ion battery  Honda is leading the way in electrically driven motors that ensure that the GIANT GP1950E delivers the right performance and is easy to charge. The battery is positioned in  a way that makes is easy to be quickly replaced  with a full one. While work continues, the battery can be charged up to 80% within one hour via a quick charger (230 V).


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