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Elevation Days in Manitou Australia!

Last Friday was the opportunity for several Manitou Australia employees to take the Elevation Days Challenge. Under the supervision of our area sales manager Terry Fahey, a few CSR projects were implemented. 

Here is a testimonial from Terry and Sharon about their project :

“Today we had a one of our monthly Manitou BBQs to welcome Francois Piffard to Manitou Australia. We used some of our own produce grown from our Pallet Garden that was entered into the Echo Challenge last year. Our BBQs contribute to Manitou’s CSR by adding social and cultural diversity. We as Manitou employees believe it brings us together and makes us feel more like family. Francois Piffard said “this is a wonderful tradition!” and it is one we intend to keep.”

Here is detals about Will and Brendan’s project for Elevation Days :

“We have entered Manitou’s communal pallet garden into CSR Elevation Day’s Challenge. Manitou Australia entered our Pallet Garden into the eco days challenge last year and it has provided for us ever since. We use 100% recycled materials from our warehouse to build this garden. It benefits us by adding to social activities in the workplace. By growing our own herbs and vegetables we also reduce our carbon foot print by limiting what we need to purchase from farmed produce. Moreover, our Herbs where used today for our monthly Manitou BBQ!”

Therese and Caroline’s project is as well really ambitious :

“Manitou Australia is pleased to participate to the elevation challenge for the 2015 edition. This challenge has three main impacts which are environmental, social and economic levels. Environmental level aims to consume and preserve resources better, the social level is to live and work better with each of our employees, and the environmental level to better focus and share the benefits of our growth. We have chosen the Saint Vincent de Paul Clothing drive project. Indeed, winter has begun in Australia and we thought about providing help to our local community. As well as introducing the Manitou Group’s CSR approach to Manitou Australia’s Dealers network by encouraging a clothing drive across Australia.”