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ENTECO E8018 heavy duty crane

The ENTECO E8018 is the smallest heavy duty crawler crane in the E8000 series, a range of heavy duty crawler cranes and heavy duty cranes mounted on barges with 18 - 200 ton lifting capacity.


Small size, high performance: with a maximum lifting capacity of 18 ton, the E8018 currently operates around the world and is a key piece of equipment on all foundation worksites.

Used to load and unload trucks, lift, move equipment and, most important of all, position cages to construct piles, the E8018 is the first piece of machinery to arrive on site and the last to leave. It is popular among operators because it is extremely easy to operate, it is stable, very safe and low maintenance. The ENTECO E8018 crane helps speed up production: it cuts working time so profits go up. It is equipped with a 16 m long foldable boom so the crane can be transported quickly without having to disassemble any parts.

Designed as a versatile, multi-purpose model, the E8018 can be equipped with a vibratory hammer for driving cages and a hydraulic grab for excavating diaphragm walls.

Source: Enteco s.r.l.