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Enteco project at Venice Airport: The innovative SP-CS

The expansion of Venice’s “Marco Polo” International Airport (Italy) is just one of the latest large Foundation projects that has been successfully completed using Enteco machines.


The contractor Locafond, working together with Enteco, installed approximately 200 piles, each one 620 mm in diameter and 30 metres deep, using an E9080 drilling rig and an innovative Enteco technology: the special tool SP-CS (SOIL DISPLACEMENTCASING SYSTEM).

In the SP-CS the Kelly driving the displacement tool is replaced by a tube of the same diameter of the tool itself. In addition to offering all the advantages of the Soil Displacement technology, the SP-CS also has the following key features:

• It prevents the interconnection of water-bearing layers at different levels. The upper water-bearing layers may be polluted and the SP-CS prevents cross-contamination of deeper, clean water layers;

• It increases the straightness of the pile, making the insertion of the reinforcement cage into the freshly cast concrete easier.

The SP-CS technology has been used not only for Venice Airport, but also for other large-scale works including the enlargement of the Eni-Versalis petrochemical plant at Ferrara (Italy), the extension of Hotel Plaza in Mestre (Italy) and the construction of the new Venice-Mestre Railway Station multi-storey car park.

Source: Enteco s.r.l.