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Epiroc Bio Chisel Paste now supplied with all new hydraulic breakers

As part of Epiroc's commitment to environmental protection, all new Epiroc hydraulic breakers are now delivered with Epiroc Bio chisel paste. The formulation is approved by the European commission for use in environmentally sensitive applications..


Used to grease the wear bushings in the breakers, Epiroc Bio chisel paste is based on special synthetic esters that are easily biodegradable. The paste helps prevent bushing wear and prolong working tool life.

Excellent performance at high temperature

Inside a hydraulic breaker, the ambient working temperature reaches up to 1100°C under extreme load. In these conditions the standard greases available on the market will liquefy and disappear.

Tailor-made for hydraulic breakers, Epiroc Bio chisel paste gives excellent performance across a wide range of temperatures, from –30°C up to +1100°C. The paste has high load carrying characteristics with very good separation capacity. It helps lower breaker operating costs by reducing bushing wear and working tool breakage. High water resistance makes Epiroc Bio chisel paste suitable for underwater applications, and the paste offers a high level of corrosion protection.

Epiroc Bio chisel paste is suitable for automatic lubrication on Epiroc hydraulic breakers with ContiLubeTM II Micro or ContiLubeTM II, or for manual greasing with a grease gun on Epiroc or any other breakers.

Source: Epiroc Italia Srl