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First XCMG TWZ260 Subsurface Excavation Bogie off Assembly Line

XCMG TWZ260 Subsurface Excavation Bogie off line ceremony was held grandly. Totally over 80 persons including Li Suoyun, the Deputy General Manager of XCMG, Li Jianwei, Deputy Chief Engineer of China Railway Engineering Equipment Group, Yang Dongsheng, Deputy President of XCMG Construction Machinery and Chairman of XCMG Railway Equipment, as well as leaders and employees of XCMG Railway Equipment jointly witnessed the significant moment.


China Subway has entered large-scale construction stage, and subsurface excavation construction method is carried out in half of the engineering. At present, the subsurface excavation mainly depends on traditional man power, and faces difficulties of large labor intensity, low efficiency and severe operation environment. With social development, demographic dividend loses gradually, and traditional manual subsurface excavation is caught in a dilemma. In order to solve development problem and respond to the call of “replace manpower by mechanization, reduce manpower by automation”, XCMG R&D team, through concerted and intensified efforts of for about one year and a half, made TWZ260 Subsurface Excavation Bogie come into being. The bogie adopts platform, modular and standard design, maximally considers interchangeability of parts, and innovatively applies multiple cutting-edge technologies. It is the pioneer both at home and abroad.