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Following the JF365, the first JF545 now arrives in Spain, delivered to El Rayo Amarillo by Transgruas

The partnership between Jekko and dealer Transgruas continues to deliver excellent results in Spain, where the first JF545 has now landed. The Jekko mini crane has recently been delivered to Carlos and Eva Pino, owners of El Rayo Amarillo, a company specialising in transportation, lifting and handling services. With five mini cranes having already been delivered to various clients in recent months, including the first JF365, the positive trend in Spain is confirmed, the market increasingly receptive to the Jekko offer.


The larger version to sister JF365 and developed in partnership with Fassi, the JF545 represents the next step in the range of Jekko mini cranes, bringing the articulated crane, usually seen on trucks, to a tracked vehicle for the first time. The JF545 is gaining recognition across Europe thanks to the many advantages it offers, from its wide-ranging application, thanks to double articulation of the base arm to which a jib can be added, the possibility to work both indoors and outdoors, thanks to its two motors (55 kW diesel engine and 13 kW three-phase electric) and, lastly, the excellent accessibility it offers in restricted spaces. The JF545 has a maximum capacity of 15.5 tonnes and, complete with jib, reaches a maximum height of 32.5 m with 450 kg capacity at the tip. The JF545 will also be equipped with a two-person basket with rotation function installed on the jib to allow operators to reach a height of about 31 metres. 


Source: Jekko s.r.l.