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“No” to plastics: Blitz canopy top for curtain-side trailers

On request, Fliegl Trailer makes fundamental changes to the design of its curtain-side trailers. The innovation is called the Fliegl Blitz canopy top, has a fundamental effect on the functionality of commercial vehicles and brings significant, measurable added value to every transport task.


The Fliegl Blitz canopy top is the new roof structure for curtain-side bodies including roof bows, sliding canopy top with unparalleled easy mechanical motion and integrated strap lifting system (can be retrofitted, preparation is standard). Say no to plastics: Instead of the plastic components which are generally standard, Fliegl uses exclusively spring wire for the Blitz canopy top. There are a number of advantages: This wire is considerably sturdier, does not become brittle due to material fatigue, meets the demands of the full vehicle lifecycle and can then be recycled. In this way Fliegl reduces material wear and creates a resource cycle in line with its own high standards of sustainability.

Add to that 39 cm more room for loading and unloading, since the wire elements can be folded together more closely and compactly than their plastic predecessors. Anyone who works with cranes or loads and unloads goods that cannot be separated into smaller pieces will come to appreciate these 39 cm of additional free space. The canopy top remains exactly and reliably in any opening position – without springing back, without bending back open, without locking in place and with no need for technical aids.

The Fliegl Blitz canopy top speeds up opening and closing by a good 25% and makes handling faster, easier and more convenient. And it saves about 10 kg of weight compared to conventional designs. The sturdy roof also has a roof plate manufactured from a single piece, which makes it possible to fix it in place with locking bars with a rubber base independently of the load.

Once again Fliegl plays its trump card of in-house production: A high capacity for innovation, independence from external system providers, many years of know-how in design and assembly and massive investment in a high- tech trailer plant in Thuringia all pay off – for operators and users. The name Blitz harkens back to the automotive tradition of the Germany state of Thuringia. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Golde truck construction company from Gera, Germany – a family company like Fliegl – developed and sold Golde-Blitz ("lightning") canopy tops, which opened and closed especially fast and were very stable. Saving time means a better position in the market. All the advantages of the Fliegl Blitz canopy top summarised again at a glance:

  • 25 % time saving during opening

  • 390 mm more space for loading and unloading

  • Does not spring back when opened

  • Robust spring steel instead of vulnerable plastic

  • Maintenance-free and repair-friendly: savings of up to € 1,125.00 p.a.

  • Integrated locking bar retainer

  • Integrated strap lifting system

Fliegl exclusive: Each individual axle of every trailer is calibrated by laser. The trailers run with exact tracking, no unnecessary tyre wear and lower fuel consumption. Trailer efficiency defined by Fliegl. From roof to wheels: well thought out vehicle concepts from start to finish. 

Source: Fliegl Fahrzeugbau GmbH