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Four generations of excellence in Hitachi construction machines, service and people

Hitachi ZX210
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Hitachi ZX210

A Dutch contractor has bought all four generations of the Hitachi ZX210 crawler and ZX140W wheeled excavators from Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV’s domestic dealer (HCM Nederland). A Molenaar has invested in the equivalent models from the original Zaxis line-up through to the -3, -5 and current -6 ranges.

The Bergambacht-based company’s Hitachi fleet has grown to 20 machines since 2008 and includes: a ZW180-5 wheel loader; three Zaxis short-tail swing mini excavators; a wide range of medium excavators from the ZX130LCN-6 to the ZX350LC-3; and five ZX140W wheeled excavators.

Excellent handling

The firm’s first Hitachi excavator was an EX150LC, which owner André Molenaar also operated and recalls “the excellent handling”. When he took responsibility for the company’s fleet, it consisted of five machines, but he needed to invest in more equipment to keep up with demand and has since bought as many as 40 Hitachi models.

“The Hitachi machines, service and people continue to be excellent,” says André. “We’ve had very few problems over the years and the handling continues to be one of the strong points. There is a good price/quality ratio, a strong resale value and they are even beautiful to look at!

“Hitachi is a stable company and the machines are so reliable. People say that I am wearing orange-tinted glasses, but it’s all about our 30-year history! Hitachi has played such a big part in the development of our business.

“We’re always surprised at how Hitachi can improve on a near-perfect machine and look forward to the next generation of Zaxis excavators. Of our favourite two models, the ZX210 is an excellent all-rounder, and can cope with smaller and larger jobs, as well as soft ground. The ZX140W is the perfect size for our work, and the two-piece boom also allows us to complete our jobs quickly and easily.”

Hitachi ZX140W

Fourth generation

Adam Molenaar (André’s grandfather) established his company in 1941 and it is now owned by André and his three sons, Peter, Arno and René – the fourth generation of the family to run the business! The Molenaars lead a team of 30 dedicated staff, whose work on road construction and sewage contracts accounts for over 60% of the company’s current turnover. They also specialise in drainage and groundworks projects.

André hopes his sons will maintain the stability of the company, while enjoying some steady growth. “When I was 30, my dream was to own a company and it came true. However, I never thought it would grow to this extent. If my grandfather could see how his company had developed, he would be very proud and amazed at what four generations of men and machines have achieved.”

Source: Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV