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FPT Industrial Brings The Complete Cycle Of Biomethane In Agriculture To Agrishow 2023

FPT Industrial Brings The Complete Cycle Of Biomethane In Agriculture To Agrishow 2023
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FPT Industrial Brings The Complete Cycle Of Biomethane In Agriculture To Agrishow 2023


  • FPT Industrial to present complete cycle of biomethane in agriculture at Agrishow 2023

  • Showcasing range of technologies and solutions for independent energy production and carbon-neutral virtuous cycle in agriculture

  • Six-cylinder NEF 6, Cursor 11, Industrial Power Units, and FPT Industrial Original Reman engines to be exhibited

  • Partners Case IH, Horsch, IVECO, New Holland Agriculture, and Marcher to exhibit important products from FPT Industrial's portfolio

  • FPT Industrial's technologies enable use of self-produced biomethane in farms and sustainable rural industries

  • NG engines compatible with LNG, CNG, and biomethane, with up to 30% savings in fuel costs and lower noise emissions compared to diesel

  • NEF Series engines used in over 1,800 applications worldwide, including power generation

  • Cursor series ideal for medium and large agricultural machines, with high efficiency and productivity

  • Industrial Power Unit (IPU) features innovations for a wide range of applications, complies with PROCONVE MAR-I emissions regulation

  • FPT Original Reman range of remanufactured engines promotes circular economy concept, with reduced TCO and environmental impact

FPT Industrial – a pioneer and leader in the development of alternative fuel engines with more than 20 years of experience and over 80,000 Natural Gas engines sold globally to date –  will be presenting the complete cycle of biomethane in agriculture at Agrishow 2023. During the trade fair, being held in Ribeirão Preto (São Paulo, Brazil) from May 1 to 5, the Brand will also show off a full range of technologies and solutions to implement independent energy production and a carbon-neutral virtuous cycle in agriculture.


The six-cylinder NEF 6 for power generation, Cursor 11 for agricultural machinery, Industrial Power Units (IPU) for mobile and stationary applications, and the FPT Industrial Original Reman remanufactured engines will complete the range on show at FPT Industrial’s stand. Other important products from FPT Industrial’s broad portfolio will be exhibited by partners Case IH with the S8000 engine, Horsch with the N67, IVECO with the Cursor 13 Euro VI, New Holland Agriculture with the N67 Natural Gas, and Marcher with the N45 in the mechanical injection configuration.


Protagonist of an environmentally and economically sustainable future, FPT Industrial is accelerating with natural gas and biomethane engines as a solution for Brazilian and Latin American agriculture. The wide availability of both bioenergy and renewable biofuels in the region makes the perfect combination with the lower operating costs, diesel-like performance and significant emissions reductions offered by FPT Industrial biomethane fueled engines.
In order to let farmers know about and appreciate the wide range of benefits energy independence can bring, FPT Industrial will be presenting a virtual and engaging experience of the biomethane ecosystem and its carbon-neutral virtuous cycle on its stand.
FPT Industrial’s technologies make possible the use of self-produced biomethane in farms and sustainable rural industries. Customers can use biomethane produced from animal waste or biomass to fuel machines such as the New Holland T6 Methane Power tractor, and equipment such as motor pumps, power units, and energy generators, in addition to IVECO Natural Power trucks.

The result is complete energy independence, plus an immediate reduction in carbon footprint.

With the widest range of power outputs on the market – from 75 hp to 460 hp – up to 30% savings in fuel costs, service intervals compatible with diesel versions, and lower noise emissions when compared to diesel, FPT Industrial’s NG engines are compatible with LNG, CNG, and biomethane.

 New Holland T6 Methane Power equipped with FPT Industrial’s N67 NG engine<br>IMAGE SOURCE: FPT Industrial


With over 2 million units produced, best-in-class power and torque, fuel efficiency, and reliability, the NEF Series engines have a wide variety of options in both four-cylinder (NEF 4) and six-cylinder (NEF 6) configurations, and are used in over 1,800 applications worldwide, including on-road and off-road propulsion, marine applications, and power generation.

Compatible with CNG, LNG, and biomethane, the NEF6 NG on display at Agrishow 2023 is the natural gas version of the NEF Series for power generation specifically engineered for Latin America, delivering 130 kW to 150 kW of power, and featuring performance totally equivalent to a diesel unit.

The NEF 6 NG uses stoichiometric combustion technology to ensure best-in-class fuel consumption and lower noise levels than diesel units, reducing both costs and emissions from agricultural operations. Delivering all the advantages of traditional ICE units, the NEF 6 NG has a lower TCO than diesel powered engines.


The Cursor series is the heart of both medium and large agricultural machines, thanks to a robust design allowing for extremely intensive tasks in a wide variety of agricultural applications. With power output of 310 kW and 320 kW, the Cursor 11 engine features high performance in a compact package, superior transient response, and low fuel consumption, resulting in robustness and reliability in all working conditions.

By combining high efficiency and high productivity, the Cursor 11 is the ideal solution to satisfy Brazilian agribusiness’s need for state-of-the-art powertrains for machines used in all stages of production, from planting to harvesting.

FPT Industrial Cursor 11<br>IMAGE SOURCE: FPT Industrial


As part of its agricultural solutions package, FPT Industrial will be presenting the 100 hp power configuration of its Industrial Power Unit (IPU) at Agrishow 2023, featuring a series of innovations to cope with a wide range of applications. This compact, pre-assembled solution integrates the main engine accessories, cooling systems, and air filter with variable speed, and complies with the PROCONVE MAR-I emissions regulation for the Brazilian market.

Installation is easy thanks to rigorous testing of fluid dynamics, layout and sensor placement. A set of useful options such as alternators, starters, cooling pack, and air filter provide more flexibility for the customer, making it ideal for stationary or mobile equipment such as tractors, harvesters, sprayers, construction machinery, cranes, drills, and crushers, among other applications.

The result is a totally intelligent and compact solution, with high power availability and guaranteed torque response in the most severe operating conditions.


The circular economy concept promoted through the biomethane cycle finds another agricultural application with the FPT Industrial Original Reman range of remanufactured engines, the perfect combination of sustainability and performance.

The remanufacturing process meets all technical and approval specifications of new FPT engines, with a one-year factory warranty. The FPT Original Reman range covers more than 70 models of Functional and Long Block engines, from the S8000, NEF (N45 and N67) and Cursor (Cursor 9 and Cursor 13) Series.

Thanks to FPT Original Reman, farmers can rely on a product with reduced TCO, lower operating costs, immediate availability, and reduced environmental impact.

At Agrishow 2023, FPT Industrial will be showcasing the Cursor 9 Reman, a highly productive and reliable engine, widely adopted in a range of best-in-class agricultural and construction equipment.

FPT Industrial Cursor 9 Reman<br>IMAGE SOURCE: FPT Industrial

“As a world-leading manufacturer and developer of natural gas engines, we are well aware of our role in the sustainable future of farming,” says Marco Rangel, Vice President of FPT Industrial for Latin America. “And we are proud to present, together with our partners, our biomethane ecosystem virtual tour here in Ribeirão Preto, since Brazil and the whole of Latin America are the ideal environments to let these sustainable and immediately viable technologies thrive for the benefit of farmers and the whole agricultural segment.”

Source: FPT Industrial

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