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FPT Industrial highlights its latest power generation engines at Middle East Electricity 2019

At Middle East Electricity 2019, FPT Industrial is strengthening its position as a worldwide provider of advanced powertrain solutions focused on power generation, both for unregulated and regulated markets, with an extended portfolio spanning 30 to 600 kVA.


From March 5th to 7th, visitors at the Dubai World Trade Center experience FPT Industrial’s 150 years of experience and know-how translated into efficient, reliable and value-added solutions that meet customers’ needs at the stand S3.D19.

At last year’s fair, FPT was the first engine manufacturer to unveil itPsower Generation Stage V engine line-up. This year, the Brand continues to leverage its technological excellence and product innovation, presenting engines that comply with all worldwide emissions legislation, whilst always ensuring performance and ef- ficiency advantages. To reaffirm its increasing commitment to the Power Generation segment, FPT Industrial is also promoting a series of activities as a Gold Sponsor of the exhibition.

F34 55 kVA Stage V

Focused on regulated emissions, such as Stage V in Europe, the F34 55 kVA is being presented in power generation configuration for the first time.

The 3.4-liter engine delivers a prime power of 48.5 kWm at 1500 rpm and complies with the latest and most stringent emission standards thank to FPT’s advanced en- gine calibration and the after-treatment system: external cooled Exhaust Gas Recircu- lation (ecEGR), Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). This combination assures increased engine efficiency and performance.

Customers can rely on FPT’s solution for Stage V, thanks to its solidmarket experi- ence in DPF systems. The Brand has delivered more than two million engines and has more than 14 years of production experience using this technology

Leveraging its technological leadership, FPT Industrial offers the most compact 250 kVA G-Drive in the market, capable of delivering this power in a 6.7-liter displacement with a six-cylinder architecture

Designed for high power generators, the N67 250 kVA is best-in-class for specific load acceptance. and fuel consumption and can operate in the most severe conditions, up to 57° C, wen equipped with its compact tropical cooling package.

Thanks to its advanced technologies and premium components, the unit has 600- hour maintenance intervals, 30% better than the competitors’ average -, and an oil circuit capacity of 17.2 liters, which ensures oil is changed half as often as the compe- tition.

Top power, fast load response, high power density and low fuel consumption are the highlights of the Cursor 16 600 kVA. This outstanding performance comes from its award-winning architecture. Cursor 16 G-Drive provides up to 578 kW, deliv- ering the power of an 18-liter engine in 1 13-liter package.

The 15.9-liter engine has best-in-class in fuel consumption, thanks to FPT’s second generation Common Rail fuel injection systemand a precise displacement approach. Contributing even further to a lower Total Cost of Ownership, the unit has a 600-hour oil service interval and the smallest oil system capacity in the segment.

The six-cylinder engine has undergone 22,000 hours of bench validation, proving its reliability and durability with highly resistant components. Finally, it is also 22% smaller than the 16-liter competitor average, being able to pack a 600 kVA within a canopy of a 400 kVA. 

Source: FPT Industrial Press Office EMEA