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Technology, productivity, comfort. The keywords of the DEUTZ-FAHR offer

DEUTZ-FAHR has always offered its customers a wide range of solutions in order to supply farmers and farming contractors all over the world with machines that simplify their work and maximise their productivity, thanks to the latest generation of technical features, reliability and comfort.


At the SIMA in Paris, Deutz-Fahr is showcasing its new range oriented towards emerging markets, the 6W Profi, which is comprised of 4 models with 6-cylinder Stage III A engines and power levels between 130 and 180 HP. These machines, which are entirely designed in Italy, are distinguished by their modern design combined with robust mechanics, to ensure high productivity and low operating costs, which are strategic features in a global market that requires ever more reliable and performing equipment.

Available either with a cab with air conditioning or a 4-post ROPS frame and practical sun canopy, the new 6W Profi range provides operators with an exceptional level of comfort during long work days.

Under the bonnet of the new 6W Profi models, the reliable Deutz TCD 2012 L06 series engines work tirelessly, equipped with Deutz Common Rail (DCR) at 1600 bar, turbocharger with intercooler and waste-gate valve. Thanks to the electronic injection control, consumption is constantly optimised in relation to the required instantaneous power, while maintaining the delivered power almost constant, resulting in a wide range of engine speeds.

The 6130 W Profi, 6145 W Profi (on display at the Deutz-Fahr stand) and 6165 W Profi models feature a large 280-litre diesel tank, to which an additional 140-litre fuel tank can be added as an option. However, on the 6180 W Profi both tanks are standard, with a capacity of up to 420 litres.

Designed by SDF, the fully synchronised transmissions offer 4 gears for 3 ranges with a shuttle, and offer wide configuration options: the more simple version offers a total of 12+12 speeds; as an option, a creeper or super-creeper can be added (in the latter case, it is possible to operate at only 200 m/h with the engine at maximum speed) for a combination of 16+12 speeds; if, instead, you prefer to opt for the splitter, you get to 24+12 gears.

Towing performance is optimised also in difficult conditions thanks to the new electro-hydraulic engagement of the front wheel drive and the total locking of the rear differential. The front differential is equipped with an automatic device to limit slippage to 45%, but as an option, it is possible to request electro-hydraulically operated 100% locking.

The 6W Profi range is fitted as standard with a PTO with electro-hydraulic coupling, to allow a gradual and progressive start of the connected equipment. The standard configuration offers 540 and 1000 rpm coupling, whereas as an option, it is possible to have the 540ECO with 1000 rpm. For ease of maintenance, the dedicated PTO clutch has been placed near the shaft for easy access.

Constructed with premium components, the hydraulic system offers a 94 l/min fixed flow pump, serving the lift and the auxiliary distributors, which can be supplemented by an additional 37 l/min tandem pump, to provide a total flow of up to 131 l/min. In addition to all of this, there is also a 43 l/min pump dedicated to the power steering.

The 94 l/min main pump is served by a pair of mechanically controlled double acting distributors (for a total of 4 ways), which can optionally be increased to 3 (6 ways). If, on the other hand, a tandem pump is also fitted, 6 ways are standard and can be increased to 8 on request.

The rear lift has a maximum lifting capacity of 6850 kg in the vicinity of the quick-release couplings, but can be optionally increased to 8600 kg with additional external cylinders. The DEUTZ-FAHR offer includes a wide range of large and small harvesters. There is an increasing trend for farms to harvest grain using owned machinery, and many farmers are increasingly relying on their own combine harvesters to carry out threshing operations independently. The DEUTZ-FAHR C5000 range was designed with exactly this in mind to support this trend, completing the low end of the range.

Equipped with a Deutz Common Rail Stage V 6-cylinder 6.1 l engine with maximum power of 175 HP (129 kW), it guarantees high levels of performance, low consumption and a reduced environmental impact as well as long work days thanks to its 300 l fuel tank.

The C5305, presented in Paris, is equipped with a 3-speed, multifunction joystick controlled hydrostatic transmission: CommanderStick. The cutter bars are available in widths of 3.6 m, 4.2 m and 4.8 m. The design of the frame and the Schumacher Easy Cut II system guarantee a clean and silent cut with minimised wear and jerky movements. The threshing drum of the C5305 has a 600 mm diameter and is 1110 mm wide. This particular configuration is synonymous with a wide pitch angle and as a result a considerable threshing surface, while still being a narrow and manoeuvrable machine. The total width, including the wheels, is in fact less than 3 m.

The 4600 l grain tank with a discharge speed of 75 l/s reduces the downtime during the day, making work faster.

The CommanderCab EVO offers maximum ergonomics and a high level of operational comfort, guaranteeing safety when driving in the field or on the road. The main controls and couplings (bar, threshing and grain discharge) are actuated by mechanical levers to the left of the driver and all the main controls are arranged clearly and logically within the visual field of the operator and, depending on the order of priority, in a way that makes them easy to identify. In particular, the Commander stick manages the cutter bar. The CCM (Combine Control Management) module allows you to monitor the productivity parameters of the combine harvester (total and partial surface worked, hourly productivity and loss rate).

The new DEUTZ-FAHR C5305 is an ideal machine for anyone searching for a compact and powerful combine harvester that guarantees optimal performance with low threshing and maintenance costs. Introduced a few years ago, and relaunched in Paris in its most updated version, the C9000 series combine harvesters are proven to be extremely effective both for farms and for farming contractors. To make them even more efficient and productive, Deutz-Fahr specialists have overhauled the essential components of the combine harvesters with 5 or 6 straw walkers. The cab and controls have been completely redesigned and are now even more comfortable, practical and intuitive. The flow of the straw has been optimised, the size of the grain tank has been increased by more than 10% and the discharge speed is now 30% faster. The Mercedes-Benz OM936 engines comply with the Stage V emissions regulations and deliver power between 353 HP and 381 HP (260 kW and 280 kW).

The control console in the CommanderCab VI has been fully redesigned. All the control elements are now integrated in the armrest of the new extra-large seat, which was inherited from top-of-the-range Deutz-Fahr tractors. The diagnostics and all the adjustments of the combine harvester are controlled and managed by the new iMonitor with an 8" touchscreen. In this way, the operator always has an overview of engine performance, losses and all notifications. The Balance system is now managed using a joystick integrated into the multifunction armrest for simpler and faster control on uneven terrain. With lateral compensation of up to 20% and compensation when driving uphill/downhill of up to 6%, maximum harvesting performance is guaranteed even on difficult terrain.

A second 12" iMonitor is dedicated to managing the precision farming instructions, such as assisted driving (Agrosky) or harvest mapping. The same monitor is also connected to the cameras located on the side or to the rear, which help when manoeuvring and when emptying the grain tank. The 4-speed hydrostatic transmission is now electronically controlled and therefore is even more comfortable and precise: speed increases and decreases are progressive and continuous in proportion to the deviation from the neutral position. This makes it possible to also control small movements while, in order to maintain the speed when working or during long transfers, simply actuating the cruise function directly from the COMMANDER STICK. The C9300 is equipped with a three-drum MaxiCrop threshing system that integrates the turbo separator in all models, as was already the case for the previous series. With a threshing area of 1.13 m², a pitch angle of 121° and rotation speed between 210 and 1,250 rpm, a high yield and accurate threshing of the harvested crops are guaranteed. It also boasts electrically adjusted sieves with a cleaning area of 6.32 m2 for the 6 straw walker model. Cleaning is achieved by means of a turbine fan across the entire width of the machine. The double recovery system (DGR) permits the rethreshing of the recovered material through two rear channels on each side of the combine harvester and returns it to the grain preparation pan. The new configuration of the straw walker hood has optimised product flow with advantages both for long straw as well as chopped straw. The new straw chopper deflector allows the operator to adjust the spreading flow based on the work conditions. When discharging long straw, the straw chopper deflector can be easily converted into a chute to maximise the quantity of discharged straw. Furthermore, the separation surface has been increased thanks to the longer straw walkers, up to 7.46 m2 for the 5 straw walker models and 8.90 m2 for the 6 straw walker models.

The size of the grain tank for the new C9300 series has been increased to 10,500 l. Thanks to the new double auger system, an emptying speed of 120 l/s is achieved through the new discharge pipe with a length of up to 6 m, reducing downtimes. When opening and closing the emptying pipe, the auger inside the pipe rotates, moving the product towards the tank to prevent any accidental losses. The new C9300 is of course equipped with the tried and tested cutter bar with the Schumacher system and planetary transmission, available in cutting lengths from 5.40 m to 9 m. Also a selection of Varicrop cutting bars and combined headers for rape and sunflowers is available.