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Giant wheel loader indispensable for first floating farm in the world

The first floating farm in the world has been realized in the port of Rotterdam. Under the name "Floating Farm" a self-sufficient and circular farm has been built with room for 40 cows. For farmer Albert Boersen, his GIANT D337T is indispensable for carrying out daily work due to its versatility and compactness.

Dairy production in urban areas.


The idea of a floating farm was created by various factors. The population is increasingly concentrated in and around large cities, the rapidly growing world population makes land scarcer and there are large distances between dairy production and dairy users. With a floating farm in the city, Floating Farm produces food where people live. The farm works as self-sufficient and circular as possible. For example, floating solar panels provide the energy, rainwater is collected and filtered and food for the cows largely comes from the city. The menu for the cows consists of beer broth, bran, potato scraps and grass from sports fields and golf courses from the city.

The milk is processed into various dairy products and is not only for sale at Floating Farm, but also at branches of a supermarket and a catering wholesaler. The dry part of the manure is sold to sports fields where the grass comes from and people with an allotment garden or balcony.

Compact in weight and size

"Because of the gangway and limited space on the farm, we were looking for a machine with a low weight and compact dimensions," explains farmer Albert. “The walkway can handle 3.5 tonnes and the D337T (2,100 kg operating weight) with attachment and load stay below that weight. The pendulum joint and the limited width ensure that the wheel loader has a short turning circle and we can handle things well. This is because there is less space on this farm than on a traditional farm."

“Can't go a day without it”

“With the D337T we have several GIANT attachments so can do all the work that needs to be done with one machine. We have a pelican bucket, volume bucket, bale clamp, pallet forks and MVB800 divide bucket. We use the articulated loader every day for a few hours and we cannot go a day without it. For example, the manure is collected by a robot and separated on the middle floor. The thick fraction is collected in the MVB800 and I bed the cubicles three times a day. In this way a thin layer is spread so that it dries well. ”

“We use the GIANT for much more than you would initially think. Not only for standard jobs such as supplying the feeding machine with hay bales from the pier. But also to deliver the feed for the cows, bring dairy ashore and unload trucks. On the wish list are a rotary mower and meadow drag for maintaining the piece of land where the cows can graze outside. ”


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