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GrassKiller is the cold water weed-killing machine for the destruction of weeds in the inter-row areas of vineyards and orchards, designed and patented by Caffini. The system works thanks to special pump that allows to spray water at 1000 bar not only the destruction of the grass that emerges from the soil, but also the root system, crushing the roots of the weeds up to a few centimeters deep.


The machine, which works with the use of simple water at room temperature, has already been much appreciated by the market both in its single-head and Twin versions made up of 2 heads mounted on the tractor's front linkage. The two heads work simultaneously on two sides of the row, thus halving the working time. Grasskiller Twin adapts to the width of the rows by hydraulic adjustment directly from the cabin.

Each head features an independent hydraulic feeder, with sensitivity adjustment to be able to work both in the presence of very young plants and with retouched slopes. The new rotor with lobed profile perfectly copies the trunk of the plant and prevents the rubbing of the heads against them. In a historic European moment of change towards the abolition of herbicides and herbicides Caffini insists on proposing the real totally ecological solution.

Source: Caffini Spa

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