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Great harvest at the world-record fields

In April, the world-record planter Väderstad Tempo planted 502.05 hectares in 24 hours. The excellent planting precision have led to great crop results during the year. In late October, the farm harvested the world-record fields with yields exceeding farm average.


During the 24 hours in April, Väderstad Tempo planted 502.05 hectares at a speed of 20-22km/h. This almost tripled the speed, compared to the usual planting on the farm. Even though being faced with harsh weather conditions throughout the season, the world-record fields have now resulted in yields above farm average, says Mattias Hovnert, Sales & Marketing Director at Väderstad, and continues:

We are very proud of the results that Väderstad Tempo have performed at the world-record fields. By having planted 502.05 hectares with high precision, great yields and a speed at 20-22km/h, the high-speed planter Väderstad Tempo have proved its enormous capacity.

Impressive results throughout the year

The world-record planting was set on April 11-12th at the farm Enyingi Agrár Zrt. In total, the farm operates over 7000 hectares of which 4000 hectares are dedicated to maize this year. In June, the Farm Director Gábor Szávay gave the following comment:

I am impressed with the results that Väderstad Tempo have accomplished at high speed. Even though the weather have been tough, the world-record fields are the strongest looking fields in this region, said Gábor Szávay, Farm Director of Enyingi Agrár Zrt, and added:

Normally, the world-record fields are planted with two 12-row planters from another brand, needing 4-5 days to finish. By then, we do not use to reach as high planting precision as Väderstad Tempo have delivered this year.

The official statistical measurements from Gödöllő University recorded great crop results throughout the season. The field measurements two months after planting showed as few as 0.35% doubles, 1.21% skips and a planting coefficient of variation of 24.3%. The seed depth only deviated within 0.5cm from the selected seed depth of 6cm.

The yield on the world-record fields is 4 percent above farm average.

Source: Väderstad AB