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New BRUIN Sprayer: a new challenge!

BERTHOUD is continuing to expand its range of self-propelled sprayers for row crops for export by unveiling a new body shape: the BRUIN 4200.


Its smart architecture has been developed specifically for the countries of Eastern Europe and North America. BRUIN can provide high work outputs while maintaining the quality of spraying.

This machine combines major technical innovations (new chassis, independent wheel suspension) and makes the most of the basic features of the BERTHOUD brand (electronics, E-PILOT joystick, OMEGA pump, AXIALE boom and boom suspension).

BRUIN provides a solution to customers looking for a reliable, robust and fast machine.

A new chassis developed for large spaces and higher work output

Boasting a completely redesigned chassis and tractor architecture, BRUIN self-propelled sprayer combines flexibility of use and sturdiness at work.

Equipped with an independent pneumatic wheel suspension, BRUIN offers unmatched comfort and optimal obstacle clearance.

Equipped as standard with the hydraulic variable track (3.05 m to 4.06 m), it adapts to its terrain while respecting crops to maximise yields.

Its standard ground clearance is 1.5 m. It can optionally be hydraulically variable with an amplitude of 1.5 m to 1.8 m unique in the market in its category!

Its wide panoramic cab with side access allows the user to work in comfortable conditions with maximum visibility when travelling.

BOSCH REXROTH hydrostatic transmission in the BRUIN range consists of a variable displacement pump and four electrically-controlled variable displacement hydraulic motors.

The operator has the standard joystick and automotive lines but also the ECO mode, to optimise fuel consumption by lowering the speed of the diesel engine based on the needs. These 3 modes can be associated with the speed controller.

Its road speed can reach 56 km/h empty and 50 km/h with a full tank. Its working speed reaches 34 km/h in the field for greater work output and faster application.

The range is equipped with Tier 3A CUMINS engines at 275 HP. The 300 HP Tier 4F model is also available in this range.

The BRUIN range is equipped with the 2-arm steel boom with side folding measuring 90 ft (27.7 m), 100 ft (30.3 m) or 120 ft (36.6 m).

This boom guarantees optimal behaviour at work thanks to its characteristics:

  • Suspension on AXIALE central pivot, which gives this boom excellent stability and good performance on slopes, bends and on flat land,

  • Robustness and compactness of its triangulated structure,

  • Protection of the spraying circuit in the boom structure,

  • Anti-whiplash system during acceleration and deceleration phases.

A custom tool, BRUIN brand is tailored for every need, every farm

Options such as the BOOM CONTROL (available in two versions, TOTAL CONTROL and ACTIVE ROLL) and VT TRONIC (BERTHOUD’s All-in-One Virtual Terminal) are an integral part of the equipment offered in this segment of sprayers.