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Green light for perfect communication

PaveDock Assistant from VÖGELE simplifies the transfer of mix


Continuous transfer of mix on the B271: in the vicinity of a motorway exit on the B271 federal highway, a SUPER 1800-3i with PaveDock Assistant – one of VÖGELE’s innovations for the current “Dash 3” generation that simplifies communication between paver operator and the driver of the feed vehicle – ensured uninterrupted paving.

Even in conventional paving there are some challenges to overcome. Working without interruptions, for instance, and avoiding the jolts caused by the feed lorries as they dock. Both of these criteria can now be met perfectly thanks to a current VÖGELE innovation: PaveDock Assistant. This is VÖGELE‘s name for one of the options offered for their “Dash 3” paver generation – operating on the principle of a signal light, it improves communication on the job site and actively supports the lorry driver when docking. The system excelled in every respect when paving the surface course for the modification of an exit on the B271 federal highway.

Milestone for greater process reliability during transfer of the mix

In practice, the procedure on the Bad Dürkheim job site was as follows: the SUPER 1800-3i used two signal lights to indicate clearly whether the feed lorry was to reverse, stop, dump mix or drive off again. The signal lights are positioned high up on the hardtop of the machine, where they are easily visible to the lorry driver at all times. One of the key advantages is that the PaveDock Assistant eliminates the need to use horns in job site traffic. This wide-spread practice is not only unreliable – particularly when paving with multiple pavers – but also annoys local residents and confuses vehicle drivers.

Easy handling from the paver operator’s ErgoPlus 3 console

For the paver operator, changing signals to pass on instructions to the lorry driver is a simple and intuitive process from his ErgoPlus 3 console (see the information box). All functions of the SUPER pavers are integrated into the innovative, easy-to- learn operating concept from VÖGELE. Thanks to the PaveDock Assistant, docking feed lorries did not cause a single jolt on the B271 job site. Jolts are dreaded, because they affect the screed and can leave imprints on the freshly paved asphalt course.


Vögele Super 1800-3i on LECTURA Specs