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GRIMME MultiTerminal: Operator interface extension on additional ISOBUS terminal

GRIMME is the first manufacturer who is able to split the operator interface of one machine on two ISOBUS terminals to display various settings simultaneously.


More and more tractors are coming supplied with ISOBUS terminals as standard.  This gives customers the option to display part of the operator interface on the tractor terminal and the other part on an external ISOBUS terminal. When the machine is connected to the tractor via ISOBUS for the first time, a setup wizard starts automatically. The user defines in the setup wizard if he will use one or two terminals.

The driver gets significantly improved clarity and faster access possibilities of the machine functions and improved visibility of the status parameter with the patent pending MultiTerminal. Less changing between the different levels of the machine operation is another big advantage for the driver. The MultiTerminal function significantly facilitates the operation of the often complex machines and thus increases the driver's ability to concentrate.

The MultiTerminal is standard for all bunker harvesters in the EVO-series from 2019 onwards.

Source: GRIMME Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG