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GRIMME: The 2-row high-performance harvester EVO 280

Some months ago, the family-owned company based in Damme (Germany) presented a new, trailed two row harvester EVO 280 with 8-ton bunker during their GRIMME Technica 2018 as a pilot production. At Agritechnica in 2019, the first EVO 280 machine with multiple further developments will be exhibited as a premiere.

New ridge pressure regulation with digging depth adjustment


The new ridge pressure regulation, called TerraTronic, with integrated digging depth adjustment is used for a precise intake of the crop. Using the newly developed technology, the desired ridge pressure and digging depth can be set in a simple and precise way and then kept constant completely automatically. In order to avoid clodding on heavy soils and bulldozing the ridges on light soils, the driver may relieve the load on the intake to a minimum, so that it is held in a kind of "floating" position.

Fully automatic speed adjustment

From 2020 onwards, the EVO 280 can be equipped with a fully automatic control system for all main webs and separators, called Speedtronic. The driver is completely relieved from all manual monitoring and control jobs and can fully concentrate on the whole harvesting process. The EVO 280 can be operated permanently in the optimum range between performance and crop protection without risk of blockages.

Highest throughput at maximum crop protection

The special feature of the EVO 280 are three large separators, which enable to combine highest throughput with a maximum of crop protection. For the first time, the angles of the stripping rollers of the first and second separator can be adjusted hydraulically via the operator terminal. This allows the operator to adjust the retention time of the crop on the separators, and thus the separation performance, in a convenient and effective way. For the third separator, the user can choose between two versions. The ClodSep separator with two finger webs is the recommended choice for soils with a high amount of clods. The first finger web is 35 % longer than the most powerful version of the well known GRIMME SE 150-60. For highest throughput on light soils, the EasySep separator with its 2.23 m wide hedgehog belt and double scraper rollers is used.


The new GRIMME SmartView is the first video system for agricultural machinery, which offers the user the choice to decide what he really wants to see. This special feature was awarded the Silver Medal by the German Agricultural Society (DLG). The system has significant features including a zoom and slow motion function, live image transfer on mobile devices via WiFi, the choice of various window arrangements as well as the largest display on the market. SmartView is optionally available on EVO 280 from 2020.

Improved overview during operation

The EVO 280 is equipped with the new MultiTerminal as standard to provide the driver with a significantly better overview, faster access to machine functions and improved visibility of status parameters. This gives customers the option to display part of the operator interface on an ISOBUS-compatible tractor terminal and the other part on an external ISOBUS terminal. Less changing between the different levels of the machine operation is another big advantage for the driver. The MultiTerminal function significantly facilitates the operation of the often complex machines and thus increases the driver's ability to concentrate.

Always Online: Telemetry unit on board as standard

As standard, all EVO 280 harvesters are equipped with a telemetry unit that transmits parameters of the machine and its location to the customer portal myGRIMME, or via "agrirouter" to an other agricultural management system (AMS) on request.

Compact concept with high performance

Despite its powerful separators, the EVO 280 is also compact, so that a transport width of 3 metres can be achieved. On the field, the telescopic axle which can be extended to 3.5 metres, ensures exceptional stability even in case of a filled bunker.

The multifunctional harvester

Depending on the cultivation method (rows, beds, flat beds etc.), a wide range of different vegetables such as carrots, celeriac, red beet or onions can also be harvested besides to potatoes.

Source: GRIMME Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG