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Groeneveld launches new Greensight camera

Groeneveld launches new Greensight camera
CMOS technology ensures excellent image quality


A final super-tough practical trial on all the DAKAR rally trucks of the winning Team Petronas De Rooy Iveco and the VEKA MAN Team marks the successful end to the extensive field testing of the new generation of Groeneveld cameras. Groeneveld is now ready to launch a completely new Greensight camera, developed and produced in-house. Combined with the Greensight high-resolution monitor - also produced in-house - the CMOS colour camera ensures a perfect image, even in bright light, at night or in poor weather conditions.

The newly developed CMOS colour camera is available with viewing angles of 104° or 116° and with normal or reversed image, which means it can be used for a host of applications: as a front or side view camera on trucks and busses, or on the back of trucks, earthmoving equipment and forklifts, for example. The gas-filled camera has a black anodised aluminium housing and can be supplied with either a U-shaped or L-shaped mounting bracket. Because Greensight products are used all over the world under the most challenging conditions, such as earthmoving and mining, the new camera meets all possible CE, DIN and EMC standards, whilst it has also been certified for ADR applications for use in the transportation of hazardous substances.

Host of applications
With its Greensight active safety system Groeneveld has an established position for both factory-fitting and retro-fitting in a host of market segments, including road haulage, coaches and public transport, earthmoving and construction, internal transportation and rail maintenance trains and machines. Alongside the ultrasonic acoustic safety system which alerts the driver or operator to people or objects near the vehicle or machine using an audible signal, the Greensight product range also includes a camera system. This can be used as a supplement to the acoustic system, or as a stand-alone camera system with colour monitor, with the option of split, triple and quad-screen. Up to 4 cameras can be connected to the monitor and can be controlled completely independently without the need for an external switch box, e.g. using the direction indicator or the reversing signal and possibly linked to speed.