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Grove GMK5275 all-terrain crane

Grove crane brings mobility and smooth operation to challenging airport lift

  • A Grove GMK5275 helped La Grange Crane to make lifts despite low height constraints near one of the busiest airports in the U.S.

  • The crane’s mobility enabled contractors to stay on schedule thanks to its ease of movement between the two lift locations.

La Grange Crane used a Grove GMK5275 all-terrain crane to build an underground water detention system in Rosemont, Illinois, near O’Hare International Airport. The 275 USt crane lifted a series of 9 USt precast segments to construct the system, which will keep stormwater runoff under control for a planned commercial development.

Grove GMK5275

Since the job took place near an airport, crane operators for the Hodgkins, Illinois-based company had to stay within strict tip-height limits, as per FAA regulations. This meant staying below 100 ft to avoid interference with the incoming paths of commercial airliners. Contractors also had to work around a preexisting pipe situated inside the job site, which called for a crane that could alternate between two lift locations with efficiency. Judi Mooncotch Jr., president of La Grange, said the GMK5275 was ideal for the job because of its mobility and the smooth operation of its boom.

“This crane was perfect because it allowed us to stay low, telescope out and make all the necessary lifts without exceeding tip-height constraints,” she explained. “Mobility was also a factor—it’s not easy moving a crane when you also have to coordinate the delivery schedule of nearly 1,500 tons of precast, but the GMK5275 enabled us to get the work done on time.”

Grove all-terrain crane

La Grange Crane purchased the GMK5275 from Riverdale, Illinois-based Walter Payton Power Equipment. The contracting team built the underground water detention system over a two-day period in April of 2017. Overall construction of the commercial development is scheduled for completion in 2018.

Source: Manitowoc Company, Inc.


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