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HİDROMEK will break ground at bauma Munich 2019 with its brand new products!

HİDROMEK, which is among the world's top 50 construction equipment manufacturers, will exhibit its brand new products at Bauma 2019. The global brand will attract attention with its brand new H4 series excavators, the new wheel loaders and soil compactors in Hall C5. The brand new electric excavator HİCON 7 W is also going to take the center stage at Bauma 2019, which will be held in Munich, the Messe München Trade-Fair Center on April 08-14, 2019.


HİDROMEK, a globally known manufacturer of construction machinery, was founded in Ankara in 1978. Backhoe loaders, hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, motor graders and soil compactors are manufactured in its 6 production facilities, 4 factories in Ankara, 1 factory in Izmir and 1 factory in Thailand. In 2017, some part of its new production facility located in an area of 1.2 million m² started functioning in Ankara. More than 44 thousand HİDROMEK machines are running in more than 100 countries. HİDROMEK works with international authorized dealers and also provides sales and after sales services through its centers such as HİDROMEK WEST, HİDROMEK RUSSIAN, HİDROMEK JAPAN and HİDROMEK THAILAND.


Being organized every 3 years, Bauma fair is an important platform for the sector since it is the leading trade fair which brings together the industry for construction machinery. Having 605,000 m2 of exhibition space, Bauma 2016 had 3,425 exhibitors from 58 countries and 583,736 visitors from 219 countries.

At Bauma 2019, HİDROMEK will exhibit HMK 62SS mini backhoe loader, HMK 102S Supra and HMK 102B Alpha Greentec backhoe loaders. Besides, HMK 200 W, HMK 145 LC SR, HMK 220 LC, HMK 300 LC, HMK 390 LC HD and HMK 490 LC HD hydraulic excavators belonging to new H4 series will be exhibited in the fair as well.  Additionally, HİDROMEK will exhibit HMK 600 MG motor grader, HMK 640 WL wheel loader and HMK 130 CS soil compactor. The brand new products HİCON 7 W electric excavator, HMK 635 WL wheel loader, HMK 110 CS soil compactor and HMK 150 W wheel excavator will also make their debut at Bauma 2019.


Offering high performance, HİDROMEK's new H4 Series excavators stand out with their operating speed. By changing the diameter of hydraulic cylinders, tubes and bars, the working speed of H4 Series has been increased. The power boost and the maximum hydraulic system pressure have been improved to reach out the required power as well. These improvements have led to create faster, more productive and efficient machine. Earning is more now than ever with H4 Series, which produces more work with less fuel.

During the design process with the aim of rendering the use of the machine easier for the operator, H4 Series has an electronic system with an increased capacity facilitating to find out the condition of the machine and its integration with additional equipment. H4 cabins are designed and built to offer maximum safety and durability under ROPS & FOPS standards. The red handles and warning labels on the new series of the machines are designed to increase the operator’s safety to the highest level. H4 Series giving particular importance to work safety enhance great visibility by reducing blind spots to minimum with the right side and rear cameras. In addition, due to LED headlamps on the H4 Series excavators, night vision capacity is significantly improved. By this way, it has been aimed that occupational accidents are being kept at the lowest level. The new series also have an eight-inch display unit with an integrated radio and multilingual options, and a rear view camera with enhanced image quality.


HMK 145 LC SR, with its sharp and dynamic lines, is an urban excavator reflecting the design language of HİDROMEK. It is designed to work with power and precision in urban areas and narrow spaces, aiming to avoid the risk of damage and improving safety in all fields and conditions. HMK 145 LC SR has a short turning radius with its two piece boom type and compact layout. Therefore, it can be preferred especially for construction, landscape, material laying and leveling work in narrow spaces. In addition, it can be used in various works with different attachment options.

HMK 145 LC SR, possessing compact exterior structure and strong chassis, is designed in order to get maximum performance. HMK 145 LC SR crawler excavator aims to make the operator feel as comfortable and relaxed as in an office. For this purpose, Opera Control System is used to facilitate the easy use of the machine. Big touch screen and 2 joysticks consoles are positioned for the best ergonomics and provide easy and safe operation. Also, its ROPS featured cabin provides a safe space for the operator.  The tilting cabin provides quick access to hydraulic equipment which enables easier service and maintenance. The machine also has great cabin visibility.


HİDROMEK aims to specialize in electric vehicles of the future and has created a new brand for this category. HİCON 7 W, which is smart, economic and eco-friendly, was developed as a 100% electric city excavator in line with this purpose. On HİCON 7W electric excavator, not only the engine but also the entire system is different from the standard machines. The machine has an electric engine and a battery. The hydraulic system is also designed accordingly. HİCON 7 W stores its energy in new generation Lithium-ion batteries. The HV (high voltage) area, which the batteries are located in, is protected behind the vehicle. By this way, safety of both the vehicle and the user is provided. Other service points of the vehicle are gathered together under the electric hood. Thus, it can be easily reached when necessary.

HICON 7 W Is an Urban Excavator!

The 100% electric HİCON 7 W is eco credential, quieter and more efficient due to its electric engine.

HİCON 7W, which reduces environmental impact with its zero emission and compact dimensions, can be easily used in many corners of the city. The users can work inside buildings, in gardens and parks, on inner-city construction sites, in tunnels and underground with HİCON 7 W.

New Trend In Refueling: Charging!

Lack of fuel consumption, efficient power consumption and low maintenance costs are the features making the machine economical. One-time charge provides 8 hours of usage. The standard socket on HİCON 7 W allows self-charging.

The user can use it incessantly for 8 hours on one time charge. It can be fully charged easily in 3 hours at car charging stations. A quick charge is also available in 30 minutes or it can be charged in a house or garage with appropriate sockets.

It Keeps The Pulse Of The City!

The high tech and smart HİCON 7 W can interact with its surroundings through its back screen. It relays information to its surroundings for safe driving with its "Environmental Safety System", which is the first and only in the world specially developed for HİCON. When a person or a vehicle approaches the machine, a warning message appears on the back screen to warn them. Owing to its “Environment Safety System”, it continues to warn its surroundings in bad weather conditions through its rear information screen. It also warns the following driver in cases such as a sudden brake. Additionally, HİCON 7 W draws the attention of the person or the vehicle approaching it with a red laser line provided within 5 meters of itself. In addition, the speed of the machine is visible on this rear screen. Due to its solar system, it continues to give information on its rear screen to the city with its Safety Sleep Mode. The back screen can be used for 24 hours non-stop and the information such as date, time and weather can be displayed on it.

Its doors open to technology!

Using HİCON 7 W is very easy and useful thanks to its sub systems. With its ergonomic joysticks, all operating functions are within easy reach in the cabin, which has the same ambient of a city car. You can check the information on the vehicle and customize its settings with its 8-inch touch screen.  You can also be in control of the working environment with this screen.


HMK 110 CS and HMK 130 CS soil compactors, which are versatile machines, can be used in many applications such as utilities, road construction works and construction site preparation of large residential areas. High quality components are used on the compactors, produced by HİDROMEK's robust steel construction experience. These machines provide quality and durability with their strong chassis. The Soil Compactors, which ensure maximum availability through versatile works, allow you to operate efficiently with high performance.

On HMK 130 CS soil compactors and on HMK 110 CS, the operator has the superior comfort in the cab. The soil compactors have been designed with the product style of HİDROMEK feature properties that will make the operator feel special. With the use of brown tones for a spacious look in the cabin, large windows enabling wide angle of view, 8” touchscreen for A/C and multimedia control and heavy duty type A/C, new HIDROMEK products provide superior comfort for the operator in the cabin. Tablet holder in the machines that can be moved to the left and right easily is another feature designed with the operator’s comfort in mind. Additionally, mono-block openable hood designed for the convenience of the user enables easier service.


HMK 635 WL wheel loader is attracting attention with its high engine power, performance ​​and its features enabling it to be used in heavy working conditions. The product is more environmentally friendly and productive with Phase-5 engine. With its Mercedes engine, HMK 635 WL shortens the cycle times and provides high load in a short time. HMK 635 WL operates with high efficiency and low fuel consumption. HMK 635 WL, which stands out with its high breakout force, dump clearance and traction, is frequently used in mining and stone quarries, batch plant and industrial applications.

HMK 635 WL gives particular importance to comfort and high safety with its ergonomic operator cabin having ROPS / FOPS certificates. With seat heating, reversing camera, touch screen, electrically controlled and heated mirror, HMK 635 WL offers high level comfort.

With its unique design, HMK 635 WL is more stable owing to the engine located in the rear. Besides, HMK 635 WL provides convenient serviceability due to its one-piece electric bonnet easily accessible from the ground level and the step located in the back of the machine.