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Harvesting success with GRIMME Premium Services

Performance and reliability are two of main requirements for modern agricultural machinery. These, in turn, are becoming more and more complex and reliability and security are still vital for the operators. Unforeseen problems and stoppages cost money and can be stressful for the owners during peak season. The customer requires a high level of safety and a reliable basis for any business calculations related to the use of their machinery. This is where the new GRIMME Premium services come in. At the 2017 Agritechnica GRIMME will present four new premium service options for the self-propelled potato and beet harvesters. These complement one another, so that the customer has a clear overview of their machines functions and performance.

All good things come in fours


The PLUS- Package:

The PLUS- Package is the first of the four and offers a professional overview of the condition of the machine, recommending which components to replace, engine performance and recommendations found in the service booklet.

The PRO- Package:

Complementing the PLUS- Package, the PRO- Package offers a further guarantee on all components that contribute to the propulsion and cleaning mechanisms on the machine. These, amongst other things, include; all engine parts including the starter motor, alternator, water pump, electronics, clutch, brake system, drive and joint shafts.

The PREMIUM- Package:

In addition to the PRO- Package, the PREMIUM- Package offers a further guarantee covering the whole machine. Possible repairs are included as are all GRIMME Original Parts, apart from those caused by wear and tear. Free software updates, operator training, regular pre planned machine visits and service training are all included as well.

The PROTECT- Package:

The all-inclusive guarantee package is the final option. The PROTECT- Package contains the full service, including the replacement of parts due to wear and tear and all other product enhancing parts produced at the factory.

The family business is the first company to offer such high levels of service through GRIMME Premium Services within this field, offering the customers a perfect basis for their calculations as well as high levels of reliability. Such high maintenance levels also increase the value of the machine considerably when the time comes to replace it.

The GRIMME Premium Service packages will be offered in partnership with GRIMME PREMIUM PARTNERs in Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain and France. All services will be exclusively performed by responsible and qualified personnel. The packages are available for VARITRON, REXOR and MAXTRON models built in 2018 and beyond.

Source: GRIMME Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG