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Hiab launches BodyWorks and T-Body

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Introducing Hiab BodyWorks Package

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Hiab, part of Cargotec, has launched two new modular installation systems for truck bodies; Hiab BodyWorks for heavy cranes and Hiab T-Body for HIAB T-series light range cranes. The modules are pre-manufactured and reduce body installation times and costs. Both have a weld-free bolted construction with parts that are easy to remove and replace.


"When customers buy a crane, they want it on the road as soon as possible, while bodybuilders want to serve as many customers as possible. Our new modular installation system for truck bodies reduce installation time significantly and the weld-free construction makes them quicker to install and easier to maintain," says Marcel Boxem, Director Heavy Loader Cranes & FrameWorks.

He continues, "With HIAB FrameWorks we reduced the installation times of frames for our heavy range cranes with 75% and now we reduce the installation time needed for bodies with 75%. Using T-Body, a HIAB T-series light range crane can be installed in only four hours."


Hiab BodyWorks can reduce the vehicle body installation time with 75%. It is also significantly lighter without compromising on the durability of the parts. The weight saving can be used to carry extra load or consume less energy when not fully loaded.

The BodyWorks concept is based around three key modules: headboards, wheel arch modules and rear sections. Each body also require mandatory parts such as side raves, cross members, lashing points and floor. There are also a wide range of options and accessories including toolboxes, mudguards, drop steps, working lights and wide load signs. Customers can choose between three packages depending on which add-ons they want.

Hiab BodyWorks is only compatible with Hiab FrameWorks, the pre-manufactured ready-to-install subframe that reduces the installation time of the frame with up to 75%. Installation is done at HIAB's Factory Installation Center in Meppel, The Netherlands, which serves customers from all over Europe.

Visitors to bauma can see BodyWorks at stand FN 926/1


Hiab T-bodies are delivered as ready-to-go kits to dealers and bodybuilders, where they can be professionally installed in as little as four hours. Therefore, the standardised modular design reduces the cost significantly
The T-Body can be used for the installation of any T-009 to T-038 cranes on L2 and L3 length chassis. The T-crane can be installed on any corner due to the sub-frame with integrated stabiliser beam.

Source: Hiab