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HIMOINSA and Vandaele celebrate 25 years growing together

More than 5.000 generator sets have been sold during this time in Belgium

The Vandaele Machinery facilities, the HIMOINSA distributor in Belgium, has been the scenario of the 25th anniversary event to celebrate the commercial relationship between both companies. Since it became the distributor of the HIMOINSA generators in 1993, Vandaele has sold 5.434  generator sets units in its country.


“During all these year, we noticed a continuous growth and development. Today, Vandaele still has the same goal; to sell excellent quality generators and to guarantee top service”, states Carl Vandaele, Managing Director at Vandaele Machinery, a company that was founded in 1992 derived from a company named Vandaele Gebroeders (or Brothers), founded in 1966 by Robert and Roland Vandaele.

In their early days, they sold agricultural tractors of the Fiat brand,  agricultural machinery and other machines for public roads maintenance. In 1970, they started the construction of flail mowers for agricultural tractors and also created their own wood chipper. It was in 1992 when a generational transition assured a mayor dynamism in the company with the creation of ‘Vandaele Construction’ and ‘Vandaele Machinery’.

“Vandaele Machinery started being dealer of Fiat agriculture machinery and JCB earthmoving equipment.  However, I had a dream, to sell generators, mainly for farmers who looked for a standby generator to avoid electricity break downs in their stables.  A few months later, we did the first contacts with HIMOINSA”, explains Robert Vandaele who adds “the fact that Vandaele and HIMOINSA were family business, with a small structure at the beginning, affected the cooperation in a positive way. With HIMOINSA as a partner for 25 years, Vandaele is going in the right direction”.

Lydia Gracia, HIMOINSA Executive Director, has highlighted the work done by the Vandaele team during this time, marking it as one of the oldest HIMOINSA distributors in Europe. “Our growth strategy has always been linked to our distribution network. This is a clear example that after listening to the market and working as a team we have been able to increase our presence in Belgium, always offering a quality product and an immediate service through our distributor” adds Gracia.

The event was attended by dozens of costumers of VD Power, The Vandaele Machinery generator sets division, who has been able to analyze in detail some of the showned models such as the HRFW 100 T5  S+ belonging to the Silent Plus range which guarantees a reduced sound emission level as well as LED lighting towers. As the star piece, the first HIMOINSA generator set sold by Vandaele in 1993, was shown; a generator with the Series 8000 FPT engine.

HIMOINSA, Spanish company founded in 1982 broke into the European market in the 90s. At this time, Europe represents 40% of the company turnover. “HIMOINSA operates in the international market , so it continues with its growth strategy in America, Africa and Asia. However, Europe is still a very important market for the company both for rental or standby applications”, explains Guillermo Elum, EMEA Region Director.

Vandaele Power Division – Technical Support and Quality Service

VD Power has become a successful department, with a professional team as An & Stefaan selling both mobile unites and standby generator respectively. The service has been guaranteed by a service manager and a parts specialist, supported by seven technicians. Four service vans guarantee the installations and the maintenance of the 5.434 HIMOINSA generators, delivered since 1993.

Both companies focus on selling soundproofed generators for the rental market, civil engineering and construction projects. The utilization of engines with low emissions guarantee sustainable generators. There is also a growing market of the standby generators.

Working on the Stage V generator sets

HIMOINSA is working on the design of a new range of generating sets, using Stage V engines based on European legislation regulating emissions, applying to the off-Road mobile machinery. The new models will be launched in 2019 and will incorporate new canopies designed to accommodate post-treatment equipment, as well as new electrical installations, upgraded control units able to work with the new engine control units (ECU). On a temporary basis, the company will continue to offer Stage 3A generator sets to the European rental market until December 2020 for engine powers below 56 kW and above 130 kW, and until December 2021 for engine powers ranging between 56 and 130 kW.

On the other hand, the gas rental generator sets keep being one of the best solution to reduce the emissions. HIMOINSA offers a complete gas range which includes a rental canopy version with LPG storage for a minimum running time of  24 to 45 hours without refueling, depending on the model. The integrated tanks are LPG-certified for vehicles, making them a versatile option for the rental sector, where there is a high demand for mobile equipment that is easy to transport and can refuel at a service station with an LPG pump. The versatility of these units means that they can even be used with natural gas just by activating a selector.

The market must have this option as an alternative for the Stage V diesel generator sets and HIMOINSA is ready to offer both solutions.