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ZX26U-6 mini excavator

Hitachi displays new ZX26U-6 mini excavator at Bauma

The user-friendly ZX26U-6 offers high levels of performance, stability, comfort and easy maintenance. The Zaxis-6 model can be easily transported between job sites with two additional buckets on a 3.5-tonne trailer. It is ideal for working in narrow or confined spaces, and is suitable for utilities, foundation work, landscaping and indoor demolition or construction projects.


The ZX26U-6 – equipped with a new engine to comply with Stage V emissions requirements in Europe – will be presented by Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV (HCME) at Bauma. Thanks to an efficient hydraulic system, it is capable of high levels of productivity and fuel efficiency. Like the previous Zaxis model, it has a quick cycle time and high workload.

Exceptional comfort

Operator comfort was a key factor in the design of the cab. It is easy to access using the entrance step, and the wide adjustable sliding suspension seat is surrounded by user-friendly controls within easy reach. Hydraulic pilot levers are used to operate the front, boom swing, travel and blade.

Like previous Zaxis models, the ZX26U-6 operates with low noise levels for a comfortable user experience. Visibility of the job site is enhanced by the large front window and a new optional rear-view mirror. The machine is equipped with new LED lights – one on the cab and another on the boom. These have a longer lifetime than halogen alternatives for efficient energy use.

The optional auxiliary function lever (AFL) is useful for various attachments such as a hydraulic breaker. It has a proportional switch for extra piping, and allows for smooth operation and excellent control during manoeuvres.

Easy to maintain

Convenient maintenance features are integral to the user-friendly design of the new ZX26U-6. The engine and radiator covers allow easy access, and more space around the fuel tank opening makes the new mini excavator easier to refuel.


It is also easy to clean – the dozer blade openings minimise the build-up of dirt and make it quicker to remove, for example. The battery is on the same side as the radiator for easy maintenance, and the battery disconnect switch is now available as standard for added safety.

Seigo Yamamoto, HCME Product Manager for Mini & Compact Products, says: “The design of the new Zaxis-6 mini excavators is based on the concept of user-friendliness, so we believe they are ideal for first-time users of the machine, such as in the rental market, for example.

“The ZX26U-6 will be an invaluable addition to any fleet, thanks to its versatility for working on a variety of job sites with different attachments, and its impressive performance levels.”


  • Superior comfort because of large cab

  • User-friendly operation

  • Easy to transport

  • Superior maintainability

Source: Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV