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Holder MUVO with hotwater weed control by Heatweed

The broad range of attachments for the Holder MUVO is being reinforced. At the GaLaBau from 12.- 15. September 2018, Holder presents the compact municipal all-rounder with Heatweed hot water weed control.


The Holder MUVO is a powerful, compact municipal vehicle for multifunctional use. The vehicle has a powerful 109 HP (80 kW) engine, a stepless hydrostatic drive and reaches in the EURO 6 version an optimal transport speed of 60 km/h. For maximum manoeuvrability, the vehicle can be steered as needed via a two-wheel, four-wheel or diagonal steering. It can be used in green maintenance, street cleaning and winter service as well as - thanks to its high payload of 2.8 tonnes - for special transport tasks. Efficient hydraulics, electronic speed control, a comfortable two-person cabin with air conditioning and the service-friendly design make the Holder MUVO a competent companion in tough all-year-round use.

With the worldwide patented, sensor-controlled Heatweed hot water technology Holder now extends the range of use of the MUVO by the most economical and effective solution for sustainable and environmentally friendly weed control. A sensor mounted on the front of the Heatweed Sensor 2.0 series detects weeds and then accurately sprays individual plants with hot water. Thanks to the Active Temperature Regulation (ATR), the water hits the plant root at a constant temperature, achieving the greatest possible effect. Any areas without weed growth are left untreated. This ensures the lowest possible water consumption as well as low fuel consumption and low exhaust emissions. The Sensor 2.0 can be mounted on implement carriers from different manufacturers and is operated via a digital display from the cab.

Compared with other technologies, the sensor greatly increases the areal capacity treated every day. Tests as well as customer experience have shown that 17,000 to 35,000 m² can be covered per day, which translates to the treatment of approximately 420 hectares per season. This assumes a treatment frequency of three times per year. Due to its large capacity, the sensor is particularly suitable for cities with more than 20,000 inhabitants and for large contractors.

Source: Max Holder GmbH