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The new Holder S series: More powerful and flexible than ever before

Max Holder GmbH presents new model series in the 100 HP class


The new Holder S series comprises the models S 100 (100 HP), S 115 (115 HP) and S 130 (130 HP) and is designed for applications in which the demands on man and machine are enormously high.

The unprecedented engine power combined with the mechanical front PTO and up to 120 litre hydraulic power make the Holder S series the most powerful articulated tractor on the market. Highly effective working hydraulics with three separate hydraulic attachment drives and two proportional functions that can be operated simultaneously ensure possible maximum power and flexibility on the attachment. Perfect work results are also guaranteed thanks to the three-dimensional front lift, the hydraulic weight compensation and the electronic load limit control. Thanks to the low speed and the larger torque range, the fuel consumption as well as the vibrations and noise level are reduced considerably.

A permanent all-wheel drive, mechanical axle drive with variable force distribution between front and rear axle, dual drive, hydrostatic wheel load compensation and the 100% mechanical differential lock at both axles round off the powerful package by granting maximum safety and ground contact. Other well-known benefits of the Holder system vehicles, such as manoeuvrability and directional stability as well as the exceptional working and operating comfort, are of course still in place. New features include the touch display for operating all hydraulic functions and the LED lighting.

The spacious suspended comfort cab with air conditioning, 360° panoramic view, air-suspended driver's seat and adjustable armrest has a unique functional concept. It is available as a single-seat cab with extra storage space, as a two-seat cab with a fully equipped passenger seat or as a single-seat cab with adjustable and rotatable seat, which can be put into optimal position on the job.

Like all Holder vehicles, the new Holder S series is multifunctional. In just a few steps the machine can be equipped with the appropriate attachments, for example for winter maintenance, sweeping or lawn care. The vehicle is especially attractive for applications where the requirements of man and machine are enormously high, for example at airports or in winter sports regions. In January 2018, the new Holder S series replaced its predecessor S 990 / S 1090, which is no longer available in Europe due to the European exhaust-gas legislation.

Source: Max Holder GmbH