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Holland Lift to introduce hybrid scissor lift at APEX

At APEX Amsterdam 2014, Holland Lift will introduce the first parallel hybrid-powered scissor lift. This sustainable innovation, developed by scissor lift manufacturer Holland Lift in Hoorn, the Netherlands, offers zero-emission benefits without compromising on performance.

Revolutionary hybrid aerial work platform

In order to be able to operate in a cleaner, safer and more cost-efficient manner, Holland Lift developed a hybrid scissor lift; a green machine that allows for stable, safe high-altitude operations. Furthermore, this large work platform with extension deck is capable of lifting loads up to 1000 kg. This new mobile elevating work platform with a 27 meter working height will be introduced to the public for the first time at the APEX exhibition in Amsterdam (on 24, 25 and 26 June 2014).

German-Dutch partnership

The Holland Lift hybrid scissor lift was developed in a partnership between German and Dutch Holland Lift engineers. They developed an aerial work platform that will be an interesting asset to the fleet of parties such as rental companies. As the hybrid technology makes investments in scissor lifts powered by various drive systems for the same project superfluous, there is a growing trend to lease hybrid scissor lifts. This means that the Holland Lift hybrid aerial work platform will automatically increase the return on investment.

30 years of Holland Lift

Holland Lift was recently named one of the top fifty most innovative companies in the Netherlands. Throughout its thirty-year history, Holland Lift has always remained committed to innovation and has consistently invested in quality improvements. This tradition has been key to aiding Holland Lift in securing its position as a market leader.

Source: Holland Lift International B.V.