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Line work and cable plowing involve tough challenges. Safety requirements are high and the machines ability to cope with really difficult terrain is put to the test. With a HUDDIG 1260D CABLE you can carry out tasks that otherwise would need several machines and people. The unique off road capabilities mean that you can get through everywhere.

The combination of backhoe and HUDDIG Lift with man basket and pole grab means that you can carry out any tasks needed in connection with line work. From the man basket you can work on the lines safely and efficiently high off the ground.

Working with cables involves many different work operations, regardless of whether the cable is airborne or below ground. Work must be carried out in all weathers and ground conditions. The hydrostatic transmission provides smooth operation with constant traction, which is important in cable plowing. The HUDDIG 1260D CABLE is available with many different accessories, for example LVI (Live Line Insulator). HUDDIG is the ultimate machine for line work and cable plowing.

Source: Huddig AB