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Incident Database

Incident Database

Did an incident involving a MEWP or an AWP happen at your workplace? Do your bit for safety. Report it on this page at the IPAF Incident Database.


From January 2012, IPAF is calling on all manufacturers, rental companies, contractors and users to report any known fatal and serious incidents involving MEWPs or AWPs worldwide and any known incidents involving MEWPs or AWPs in the UK. 

Information entered into the database will be kept confidential and will be used strictly for the purposes of analysis and improving safety.


About the IPAF Incident Database

  • Mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs), also known as aerial work platforms (AWPs), can make work at height more efficient, effective and safer. 
  • There are currently about 450,000 powered access units in North America, 250,000 in Europe, and in excess of 850,000 worldwide. We are nearing one million units in circulation worldwide and this number is increasing as emerging markets realise the benefits of powered access.
  • There is currently no one mechanism/collection point for reporting and measuring serious incidents involving MEWPs/AWPs, and there is no definitive data as to the number and main causes of accidents.
  • This project addresses these gaps. The incident database builds a comprehensive record of known incidents, in one location and in one common format. Data gathered enables IPAF to analyse and look for common trends, and propose possible actions to further improve and promote the safe use of powered access worldwide.

10 good reasons (and more) to report incidents

1. Enables better analysis of what causes accidents
2. Learn from past mistakes
3. Change cultures by sharing common incident trends based on facts
4. If you do not measure, you cannot manage
5. Use base line data to set targets for improvement
6. Make informed decisions based on facts and data
7. Information can benefit manufacturers, which may lead to design improvements
8. Help contractors promote safe use and eliminate bad practices
9. Improve training courses
10. A source to produce other material such as toolbox talks
11. Demonstrate that powered access is safer
12. Help improve safe use and promote best practice
13. Enable the industry to work together for the common good
14. Reporting is reactive, but using the information to identify causes and prevent accidents is proactive

Source: International Powered Access Federation (IPAF)