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Innovative Integrated Intralogistics

Grenzebach combines classic conveying technology with modern robotics. The automated guided vehicles permit automation of transportation tasks in warehouses as well as in production halls. At their booth C21 in hall 7, Grenzebach presents its innovative vehicles in a live show.

Automation with Utility


Grenzebach has great expertise in the automatic guided vehicle systems sector: They are at home in this international field. The AGV systems move goods and merchandise using reliable navigation - with absolute safety for persons and objects. The coordination is carried out by their innovative fleet manager.

The fleet manager of Grenzebach coordinates all transport tasks of AGV´s with the vehicle movements. Hereby the transportation lanes of the fleet, i.e. all the AGVs used, are regularly optimized. Whether optimized small systems or large systems with complex internal logistics – thanks to the fleet manager, various mobile robot types can work together in the same environment.

New Mobile Robot MR10S

The Mobile Robot MR10S completes the Grenzebach Logistics Fleet. It is a combination of the standard vehicle L1200S and a collaborative robot, completely safe for the man-robot collaboration. „Mobile robots are independent of the location and therefore highly flexible to handle all kinds of challenges the Factory of Tomorrow might hold;“ explains Erwin Herre. The mobile robot assists the employee and eliminates exhausting and ergonomically unfavorable work steps. The robot handles up to 10 kg and works with a reach of 1,300 mm at very high positioning accuracy. Energy is provided to the robot contact-free with inductive transfer, appropriately and lifetime optimized. The Grenzebach Fleet Manager, one of the multiple Apps of the Grenzebach Application Server, coordinates all transportation handling tasks completely autonomously allowing for safe cooperation between different mobile robot types in the same environment.

Grenzebach Application Server for the Factory of Tomorrow

The Grenzebach Application Server, a.k.a. “GAS“, the innovative and modular central unit, manages Grenzebach and third-party equipment. The GAS controls all sequences in production and integrates equipment components and devices of all manufacturers. „With this framework the customer already possesses all capacities necessary for the implementation of Industry 4.0. The very simple and most reasonable use of Apps allows to extend the system´s configuratio;, says Roland Jenning, Head of Innovation at Grenzebach. Mobile robotics and human-machine cooperation are among the number one topics when it comes to digitization of production industry and the change towards the Smart Factory.

Source: Grenzebach Maschinenbau GmbH