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Intelligrated showcases warehouse execution systems at ProMat 2015

Intelligrated® , a leading North American-based automated material handling solutions provider, demonstrates its warehouse execution systems (WES) in booth #2903 at ProMat 2015. The innovative platform acts as the operational brain, adjusting workflow through constant analysis of orders, inventory, labor, processes and equipment information to provide the accuracy and speed required for e-commerce and omnichannel fulfillment.


The WES platform combines warehouse management, warehouse control and order fulfillment software functionalities to remove the silos of traditional warehouse systems and streamline order planning and fulfillment execution. It offers gate-to-gate visibility with real-time order statuses and enhanced decision support capabilities to keep operations informed and make adjustments at the speed of automation.

Intelligrated software offers a single-source solution for reduced software integration points, improving solution stability, lowering implementation costs and simplifying maintenance and support. The modular design of WES adapts to changing business needs, with pre-built apps and easy integration with Intelligrated labor management and business intelligence software to enhance labor efficiency and operational productivity.

“The modern fulfillment operation faces special challenges to synchronize labor, automation and processes to maximize throughput and also quickly respond to demand spikes, rush orders and customization requirements,” said Kevin Roach, executive vice president and general manager, Intelligrated Software. “Intelligrated warehouse execution systems deliver the speed, accuracy and flexibility to help omnichannel and e-commerce operations thrive.”