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Interroll to present its new modular conveyor platform for internal logistics at CeMAT Asia 2015

Interroll will be presenting its new modular conveyor platform for internal logistics which was recognized with the iF Design Award, a worldwide acknowledged quality seal for outstanding design to an international audience at this year’s CeMAT Asia in China (27– 30 October, 2015). The platform is Interroll’s response to the challenges that today’s and future material flow solutions face.


The new conveyor platform is the most important product introduction in the 55-year history of Interroll. As Ben Xia, Executive Vice President of Interroll Group, Head of Operations Asia explains: “The complete modularity of our new solution offers important advantages for our customers. This approach allows them to combine all of Interroll’s most important products in a virtually unlimited manner to form a complete system. New systems can be planned and realised faster, and existing systems can be easily modified to meet changing demands. This means our business partners can react quickly to new challenges and make the best possible use of their market opportunities regardless of where in the world they happen to be based.”

By launching its new conveyor platform, Interroll is reacting to the growing importance of efficient material flow to the business world. “With their new conveyor platform, Interroll has got it right: modularity and scalability all the way, with plug & play modules and standard components. We have been involved in the product development process at an early stage, giving us the possibility to actively contribute ideas and suggest improvements where needed,” Francis Meier, Senior Vice President, Head Asia Pacific WDS, Swisslog, noted back in 2014 when the platform was launched in Europe.

The main element of the new platform is a through and through modular system that incorporates the various key elements of conveying systems and can be assembled to form a complete material flow solution that renders the services needed. The components include not only the straight sections and curves with and without drives; the portfolio also encompasses merge components for loading and unloading goods and alignment and belt conveyors for overcoming steep inclines, for example. Depending on the application requirements, the conveyor modules can be equipped with various drive systems and be combined with one another. Zero pressure accumulation conveyors can be realised by using proven and extremely energy efficient 24 volt RollerDrive that operate without any pneumatic actuators. A 400 volt drive solution that has been optimised to handle high conveying speeds and extremely heavy goods (up to 50 kg) is also available for use in high-performance applications.

The new modules can be easily combined and work together as an internal logistics system to achieve high efficiency. Interrol can also guarantee a quick delivery time. The modules are preassembled for the most part to simplify the installation process on site. Independently adjustable side guides, steplessly adjustable stands, integrated crossbars for electrical conduit and universally usable spaces for attachment parts make installation even easier.

The modules will be available for short-term delivery in three standard widths (420, 620 and 840 millimetres). Other nominal widths will be available on demand to ensure that the system can be easily adjusted to meet user-specific requirements.

The new High Performance Divert (HPD) with throughput rates of up to 3,600 units per hour in on-the-fly mode is another highlight. The HPD is used to transfer unit loads that preferably have a smooth bottom surface. This can be done to the right or left at different angles. The HPD is designed to be a cassette system, whereby several of the cassettes that are each 120 mm in length can be combined to meet the respective requirements. HPDs are available with two different drive versions. The "RM 8711" uses 24 volt motors as travel and swivel drives. With the "RM 8712" on the other hand, a flat belt conveyor uses the travel drive, while a 24 volt motor powers the swivel drive.

The new transfer offers big improvement on throughput and speed and the new merge can achieve 2 m/s. Thanks to the modular design, it can easily adapt to various application requirements.

Because it is based on open standards The modules that make up the new platform are compatible with previous Interroll modules; therefore customers can easily extend or change their existing systems by simply integrating new modules. This also guarantees full flexibility for existing customers.

Interroll MultiControl, the new network card for PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT, now extends the Interroll controller family for use with the Interroll RollerDrive EC310. There is no need to set up an additional sensor or actuator level due to the direct integration of sensors and RollerDrive in the field bus level. The IP54 protection class meets the requirements that pertain to industrial plants. The Interroll MultiControl can be used in temperature ranges of between -30°C and +40°C.