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Jens Heinrich, Head of Marketing International & Training at SCHWING Stetter: “We have brought along several highlights.”

Jens Heinrich from SCHWING Stetter
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Jens Heinrich from SCHWING Stetter

IMAGE SOURCE: LECTURA GmbH, Aleksandra Jastrzab

LECTURA is currently at the NordBau 2023 trade fair and reports on news from the world of construction machinery. Listen to our live conversation with exhibitors, this time with Jens Heinrich from SCHWING Stetter.


Aleksandra Jastrzab: SCHWING Stetter has been a manufacturer of construction machinery products related to concrete and industrial pumps for almost 90 years. Hello Mr. Heinrich.

Jens Heinrich: Hello, thank you very much for the invitation.

AJ: Mr. Heinrich, what is the highlight of the trade fair for you?

JH: In principle, we have brought along several highlights. Firstly, there is the TP100 trailer pump, which is predestined for pumping concrete, but also for screed and mortar. Here in a special version with a dual-circuit system, which has the great advantage that it can pump almost without interruption. It is particularly suitable when shotcrete is required. 

Another highlight is the S36X Razor truck-mounted concrete pump, to which we have given a striking name. This is a five-knuckle truck-mounted concrete pump, previously we always had ones with four segments, this time with five. The drop height is very low at under 6.80 meters. The thing is very maneuverable, flexible, a top device must be said, which is also already very popular. 

Another highlight is certainly our new truck mixer Ultra Eco now in the second revised generation. It has always been light, but we have now made it even lighter. We got the body weight below three tons. So as far as we know, this makes it the lightest truck mixer in its class in the whole world. 

So, three top products that we have here, plus we have a TAP90 from the industrial pumps area with us. Everyone is welcome to stop by and take a look at our highlights here at NordBau 2023. 

AJ: Thank you for your time today.

JH: You're welcome.

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