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John Deere introduces its new T5 and T6 Walker Combines

John Deere introduces its new T5 and T6 Walker Combines
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John Deere introduces its new T5 and T6 Walker Combines

IMAGE SOURCE: John Deere Walldorf GmbH & Co. KG

  • John Deere introduces the T5 and T6 walker combined, featuring eight new models with engine power options ranging from 305 HP to 466 HP.

  • The new combines offer premium cabin comfort with features like ActiveSeat TM II, LED lights, and an electronic dust-sealing door.

  • Advanced precision ag technology packages include the StarFire TM 7500 receiver, G5 Plus CommandCenter™ display, and JDLink TM connectivity.

  • High-performance harvesting is achieved with a wide feeder house, large threshing and separation area, and new grain tank options up to 13,500 liters.

  • Enhanced productivity is supported by precision harvesting technologies like AutoPath TM, Machine Sync, and Grain Sensing.

  • Operator comfort is prioritized with a spacious cabin, ergonomic CommandPRO TM joystick, and comprehensive infotainment system.

Premium cabin comfort and cutting-edge harvesting technology


John Deere today announces the introduction of the all new T5 and T6 walker combines with eight new models. Featuring a range of engine power options, from the robust 6.8-litre engine with a maximum power of 305 HP in the T5 400 to the powerful JD9X 9-litre engine delivering 466 HP in the flagship T6 800 model, these combines deliver outstanding harvesting performance. The new T5 and T6 combines offer the ultimate operator experience, with the cabin from the X9 which brings first class operator comfort and functionality. This luxurious workspace features ActiveSeat TM II, LED lights, a new corner post display and an electronic dust-sealing door. The CommandPRO TM joystick provides the operator with intuitive and personalised control of all main combine functions. Further enhancing the operator experience, John Deere integrated its state-of-the-art precision ag technology packages, featuring the StarFire TM 7500 receiver, G5 Plus CommandCenter™ display, JDLink TM connectivity for operational efficiency and straightforward data management.

“The introduction of our new T5 and T6 combines represents a significant step forward in harvesting technology in the walker combines industry,” says Jonathan Edwards, John Deere Product Marketing Manager for Europe. “They will provide farmers with the tools they need to enhance productivity and efficiency in the field.”

Wide range of drive options

The eight new models of the T5 and T6 combines come with an impressive range of engine power options, starting from the 305 HP (max power) 6.8-litre engine in the T5 400 and the powerful new JD9X 9-litre engine starting with 348 HP in the 5-walker T5 500 and delivering impressive 466 HP in the flagship 6-walker model T6 800. All JD9X engine models offer intelligent engine speed management which improves fuel efficiency by reducing engine rpm during road transport and when stationary at junctions or traffic lights. All engine variants meet the stringent Stage V emissions standards.

John Deere introduces its new T5 and T6 Walker Combines<br>IMAGE SOURCE: John Deere Walldorf GmbH & Co. KG

High-performance harvesting

The feeder house, engineered to the same width as the rest of the crop channel (1.67 m for the 6-walker models), eliminates flow restrictions throughout the combine. Together with the large threshing and separation area of the T5 and T6 combines, this delivers outstanding harvesting performance. The model year 2025 combines also come with new options for grain handling, new grain tank options of up to 13,500 l for T6 (+23%) and 11,500 l for T5 (+15%). Additionally, operators can benefit from the adjustable spout, enabling more control over the unloading no matter what trailer you have. The unloading speed at peak performance reaches up to 150 l/sec, allowing for fast unloading of 10 t of grain in just 90 sec. Moreover, side-hill compensation options are available, with base compensation of up to 7% incline and the optional side-hill package (compensation of up to 14% incline) and HillMaster TM technology with a compensation of up to 22% incline.

Improved productivity with precision harvesting

With respect to smart farming, the all-new T5 and T6 combines are fitted with advanced John Deere Precision Ag Technology, including the StarFire TM 7500 integrated receiver and the G5 Plus CommandCenter TM display. The G5 Plus CommandCenter TM provides operators with a large, high-definition 12.8” display featuring intuitive menu functionalities, offering ultimate control and visibility during harvesting. Additionally, operators have the option to equip the combine with the G5 Plus extended monitor. This allows operators to control more functions simultaneously, such as viewing vehicle control functions on the primary display and precision farming applications like AutoPath TM, Machine Sync or Grain Sensing on the extended monitor. Machine Sync enables the combine driver to control the tractor speed, direction, and position, facilitating spill-free precise unloading and even filling of the trailer on-the-go. Grain sensing technology offers real-time measurements of moisture, protein and starch, for instance, in wheat and barley, facilitating the separation of higher value, higher protein grain even during harvest.

“Combining these precise technology features with JDLink TM connectivity, which offers seamless two-way data communication, and with the John Deere Operations Center TM , our powerful and comprehensive digital farm management solution, we enable the customer to plan, execute, monitor and analyse every stage of their harvesting operation”, says Alexander Schnöder, Product Specialist for T5 and T6 combines.

John Deere introduces its new T5 and T6 Walker Combines<br>IMAGE SOURCE: John Deere Walldorf GmbH & Co. KG

Exceptional operator comfort

Operator comfort and convenience is paramount in the design of the T5 and T6 combines. Already familiar from the John Deere X9 flagship combine, the spacious 3.68 m3 premium cabin includes an electronic dust-sealing door and a pressurised interior to prevent dust and debris from entering the cab. The optional ActiveSeat TM II offers fully adjustable electronic controls, all-round cooling and electronic suspension technology for ultimate driver comfort. For additional screens and mobile devices, the cabin also features 10 conveniently positioned 12 V and USB charging points. The infotainment system offers outstanding communication and audio sound capabilities as well as fully supporting Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The CommandPRO TM joystick is a user-friendly, ergonomic, and customizable control unit of the combine, making it easy to programme and store different settings for different drivers on the touchscreen display, such as draper belt speed, reel height, unloading auger folding, or feeder house tilt.

Source: John Deere Walldorf GmbH & Co. KG