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Jungheinrich Expands APM Product Range

With the introduction of the new ERE 225a Auto Pallet Mover, Jungheinrich now offers a total of three automated guided vehicles, providing users from a diverse range of industries with highly flexible and efficient options.


Jungheinrich is introducing a new Auto Pallet Mover (APM) in autumn 2013. The new truck consists of a driverless pedestrian pallet truck type ERE 225a. Like all other APMs, the new truck is based on a Jungheinrich serially  truck. With the addition of the new  truck, the Hamburg-based enterprise now boasts a total of three Auto Pallet Movers, following the successful market launch of the EKS 210a (order picker) and the ERC 215a (stacker) models this spring.

The Auto Pallet Movers are designed to execute regularly recurring transport tasks. “This way the client can be assured of perfect timing for transport assignments, and plan accordingly,” explains Dr Martin Schwaiger, Head of APM at Jungheinrich, adding that the automated execution of standard transport tasks freed workers up for other, special transport, organisational or logistical tasks.

Exact Positioning Down to the Millimetre, with a High Degree of Flexibility

Due to its versatility the ERE 225a can be employed either in an automated warehouse or in mixed operations. The truck is controlled via laser navigation. According to Schwaiger, this eliminates the need to make changes to the warehouse floor, since the navigation takes place exclusively via reflector panels mounted on racks, walls or columns. Schwaiger continues that this enabled “not only the exact positioning of the truck at predefined pickup and delivery stations, right down to the millimetre, but also a high degree of flexibility with regard to new transport routes inside the warehouse.”

Equipped with the latest generation of Jungheinrich three-phase AC technology, the ERE 225a can handle payloads of up to 2,500 kilograms. The truck can also be outfitted with extra-long forks, allowing for multi-pallet transport. Optional, integrated fork tip sensors make it possible to automatically detect a broken pallet or obstacle, thus enhancing the security of goods transport.

Jungheinrich Logistics Interface Regulates Communication Tasks

The Auto Pallet Mover can be integrated into existing IT infrastructures, whether it is the proprietary Jungheinrich WMS or another warehouse management system. The Jungheinrich logistics interface regulates communication between the various system components, for example conveyor systems and the warehouse gates. The APM however can also be used as a stand-alone solution using push buttons and sensors, without being integrated with a WMS.

Jungheinrich ranks among the world’s leading companies in the material handling equipment, warehousing and material flow engineering sectors. The company is an intralogistics service and solution provider with manufacturing operations, which offers its customers a comprehensive range of forklift trucks, shelving systems, services and advice. Jungheinrich shares are traded on all German stock exchanges.

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