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Senzit – MANN-FILTER presents new monitoring product for air filters

Optimum plannability of maintenance and enhanced engine protection thanks to the innovative smart device for air filters


International filtration expert MANN+HUMMEL will present the new digital product Senzit under the MANN-FILTER brand at the Agritechnica in Hanover. Using innovative sensors, Senzit measures data such as the status of the air filters of agricultural and construction machines in real time and transmits the results to the user's mobile device. The smart device creates added value for users by displaying the load status of the air filter as well as its remaining service life and machine hours completed. It is convenient, saves time, reduces maintenance costs, protects the engine and makes it possible to utilize the full capacity of the air filter.

MANN+HUMMEL will launch the innovative smart device for the European Automotive Aftermarket under the MANN-FILTER brand at the Agritechnica. From summer 2018, it will be available to order for vehicles used in agriculture and construction as well as the mining industry. Owners of large vehicle fleets in particular will benefit from the new services. Senzit is suitable for use on any terrain, even in dusty conditions.

"As a digital product, Senzit gives users advanced, user-friendly access to filter data as well as many other services relating to the maintenance and protection of valuable machinery," explains Andreas Scope, responsible project manager at MANN+HUMMEL. "Automated ordering and delivery of new filters as well as effective anti-theft protection thanks to precise determination of the location of the networked vehicle are just two of the possibilities for further services in the future," says Scope.

Senzit has multiple intelligent and robust sensors for recording the load status of the air filter. This data is continuously transmitted to the MANN+HUMMEL cloud and analyzed in real time. Changes in the ambient conditions, such as a sudden change in the weather, can be incorporated into the analysis. The measurement data along with an individual forecast for the remaining service life of the air filter are transmitted wirelessly to the user's cell phone or the web-based Senzit portal.

A mobile app gives users access to the status information of the air filter as well as other data in an easy-to-understand format whenever and wherever they need it. Users are shown the operating hours (machine running time) of every networked vehicle and can use this information to plan the maintenance of filter elements and other machine components. This is much more accurate than a calculation based on the number of driven miles.

"Thanks to Senzit, it is no longer necessary to manually inspect the air filter to determine the degree of contamination. Our new smart device makes it possible to plan maintenance in advance, reduces machine downtimes, protects the vehicle engine and prevents unnecessary filter changes," says Scope. The Senzit app can be downloaded free of charge for Android from the Google Playstore and for iOS from the Apple App Store.

Senzit is installed directly at the service port of the air filter housing and is suitable for almost all vehicles and all air filter brands. Installation is universal and uncomplicated thanks to the extensive range of accessories supplied.