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Kögel telematics – transparency in the supply chain

  • Kögel Telematics = Kögel Trailer Telematics module + Kögel Telematics web portal + Kögel Telematics Connectivity

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Customers who purchase our Kögel Telematics system enjoy the benefits of a system specially tailored to our trailers. Our inexpensive, highly modern and reliable system provides real-time access to EBS, tracking, cooling, tyre and trailer data. What's more, the Kögel Telematics Connectivity database allows you not only to feed all the acquired data into the clear, self-explanatory and easy to use web portal and other fleet management systems, but also to import it – in real time – into existing processes and a host of software systems. And of course, the data is also easily to access via our free Kögel Telematics app for iOS and Android devices.


The Kögel Trailer Telematics Module (KTTM), combined with the EBS modulator, a cooling unit, or an optional tyre monitoring system delivers essential data about the semi-trailer's operating state. The Kögel Telematics web portal can be used to evaluate this data as needed. It is also possible to define the geo-fencing in the Kögel telematics web portal and to set alarms that then notify the forwarder, the repair shop or the fleet manager, either by text or email, about defined deviations in the set parameters. Forwarding companies can use the Kögel Telematics app, web portal or fleet management system to access the following real-time data in addition to the standard PosControl telematics data, such as locations, driving times and progress: EBSControl provides information from the electronic braking system (EBS) on items such as the braking response, mileage, speed, axle load, tyre pressure and brake wear. TrailerControl shows the current coupling status, the opening state of the doors and the battery status, as well as whether the ignition of the tractor unit is switched on or off.  TempControl helps to monitor the temperature inside the refrigerated box vehicle and continuously monitors and documents the cooling chain.

Kögel Telematics is available for all vehicles in the Kögel product portfolio. Depending on the trailer type, there are different telematics packages with various data transfer options, optional hardware equipment and pricing. Kögel Telematics is, of course, also available as a retrofit. This enables operators to retrofit Kögel telematics in existing fleet vehicles. transport logistic trade fair offer

The Kögel Telematics Basic trailer package, which combines the PosControl, TrailerControl and EBSControl services, is currently available from €0.25 per day for all Kögel platform trailers, demountable systems and chassis.

Source: Kögel Trailer GmbH