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Komatsu shows the PC55MR-3 at Bauma 2013: MR-3 Komatsu Mini Excavator maximises productivity

Munich, January 2013 – The Komatsu PC55MR-3 Mini Excavator will be displayed at Bauma 2013.


With an operating weight of 5280 to 5.350 kg, the PC55MR-3 fits right into Komatsu’s MR-3 range. A tight tail design lets this machine work in total safety in most restricted areas, with no need to worry about rear collisions. Its Komatsu 4D88E-6 engine complies with the strictest Stage IIIA emission controls.

As all Komatsu MR-3 excavators, and despite its compact size, the PC55MR-3 offers unequalled comfort. The spacious cab was developed with exceptional care to details, and the work environment is quiet and comfortable. Special attention was given to the operator’s well being with ergonomic and dedicated PPC controls, and, in option, an
efficient air conditioning and ventilation system that guarantees optimal thermal comfort. Available with either long or short arm, cab or canopy, rubber, steel or road liner shoes the PC55MR-3 can be configured to perfectly fit the job at hand.

Komatsu’s CLSS hydraulic system provides the PC55MR-3 with top performance and maximum control even in combined operations, and helps to make this a very productive and easy to operate machine. To further enhance comfort of operation, optional fingertip controls act on the first auxiliary hydraulic line: they offer improved versatility and controllability to guarantee maximum precision with minimum finger fatigue when working with attachments. The auxiliary oil flow rate is easily adjusted on the monitor panel, directly from the operator’s seat. Also available upon request, to lower noise levels and for more energy savings, an auto-idling system can automatically reduce the engine’s rpm to a minimum if control levers are left in neutral position for more than a few seconds.

Komatsu now offers the possibility to order a factory-fitted double auxiliary circuit, which can be comfortably controlled by a double slider on the machine’s PPC joysticks. Higher performances and an improved oil flow, with a perfect pipe routing and smooth fingertip controls, are a few advantages brought on by this new option. By switching into the “Attachment” work mode, the double circuit offers many possibilities to the operator. One additional hydraulic circuit can be utilized to operate attachments such as tilt buckets or hydraulic breakers. In this last case, the dedicated selector will be positioned in “hammer mode”, and the on/off switch allows easy and precise operation of the tool with a simple touch. The second hydraulic line, with a lower oil flow rate, is an ideal solution when a rotating function is needed on a roto-tilting attachment or a clamshell bucket, and for demolition equipment.

Komatsu designed the PC55MR-3 to be easily serviceable. All periodic inspection points are quickly accessible under the bonnets. To perform special maintenance, a single person can simply tilt the canopy or cab upwards. Exclusive technical solutions extend to 500 hours the intervals between most ordinary maintenance operations, such as pin greasing or engine oil replacement, KOMTRAX™, Komatsu’s satellite monitoring system is standard on the PC55MR-3.

Machine data is easily accessible over the internet and allows owners or fleet managers to view the machines location, performance and service requirements. For more information about Komatsu’s PC55MR-3 midi excavators, go to or visit your local Komatsu sales and service organization.

Specifications                                                   PC55MR-3
Net power @ 2000 rpm                                        38.2 HP / 28.5 kW
Operating weight                                                 5.280 ÷ 5.350 kg
Bucket capacity                                                  0.07 – 0.175 m3

Source: Komatsu