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Krone Telematics controls tyre pressure with Smart Tyre Monitoring

At the transport logistic in Munich, Krone will present its Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) for commercial vehicles. The tire pressure monitoring system displays tire air pressures and temperatures in real time and supports drivers and logisticians in preventive maintenance of the vehicle. The Smart Tyre Monitoring system is linked to Krone Telematics. From 2022, tire pressure systems will be required by law and regularly installed on the vehicle.

Smart Tyre Monitoring - Real-Time Overview

Two sensors per axle are mounted on the rim of the tyre valve. The sensors measure tire pressure and temperature per wheel and transmit them to an electronic control unit, which transmits the signals to the telematics unit in real time. On the one hand, the tire conditions are shown to the dispatcher in the Krone portal, on the other hand, the driver sees the evaluation of all wheel signals in the display of the tractor. The system also alerts the MRP controller and driver in the event of deviations.

Advantages of Krone Smart Tyre Monitoring:

  • Real-time detection of tyre pressure loss and overheating

  • Extended tyre life thanks to tyre pressure monitoring

  • Less downtime and more safety thanks to fewer tyre blow-outs

  • Real-time warning signals to control centre and driver

  • Less fuel consumption

  • Improvement of braking distance and cornering stability

  • Lower operating costs


Source: Krone