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KUHN Smart Ploughing

Smart Ploughing meets the growing demand for precision agriculture. Smart Ploughing refers to the Isobus available on the KUHN VARI-MASTER L range of mounted ploughs. The entire plough is controlled by the Isobus terminal to improve ploughing efficiency and comfort. Exclusive functions are added to the VARI-MASTER L such as Smart Ploughing - Lift and Smart Ploughing - Line.


Smart Ploughing offers several levels of performance and working comfort:

The basic Smart Ploughing features all the functions of the VARI-MASTER L available on the Isobus terminal. Quickly hitched thanks to its Isobus connectivity, the plough is immediately ready for work. All the plough settings are controlled from the Isobus terminal (working width, offset, working depth, levelling, etc.) and can be saved to simplify subsequent start-ups. There’s no need to be an expert to configure the plough, Smart Ploughing is intuitive and easy to use and allows operators to focus solely on driving the tractor.

Smart Ploughing – Lift supplements the basic functions with automated raising of the individual sections based on GPS data. The plough also turns automatically at the headland as soon as all sections are raised. This significantly improves the comfort since the driver doesn’t have to steer the plough when turning at the headlands. Smart Ploughing - Lift can also be used to manually control the sections from the cab. The plough can be operated in asymmetric mode (4 sections on one side and 6 sections on the other) to optimise traction power, particularly on slopes.

Smart Ploughing – Line adjusts the working width by GPS. This option ensures uniform ploughing regardless of any field irregularities. Smart Ploughing - Line is fully integrated into the plough design and controlled by the ISOBUS terminal. It corrects the curves of the field for perfectly straight ploughing.

Smart Ploughing provides unprecedented comfort and exceptional ease of operation. The automation of the essential plough functions (turning, raising of the sections, working width, depth, etc.) ensures the best performance and working conditions in order to maximise efficiency.