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Lacertis Series Multipurpose Dump Truck - feature rotating seat and controls

Articulated dump trucks enhance construction productivity and economy due to high power-to-weight ratios and fuel-efficiency. The Uromac Lacertis Site Dumper range also offer rotating seat and controls for an enhanced level of comfort, supreme off road performance and exceptional stability and manoeuvrability. Driver fatigue and site manoeuvres are reduced with swivelling user-friendly controls, high driving visibility and comfort cabin.  A strong, fuel-efficient Deutz or Yanmar engine ( dependant on the model)  offer exceptional response on steep gradients and poor ground conditions.  Multiple attachment configurations mean a quality all in one combination concrete mixer, brush cutter and dump hopper, with large bonnet access for optimal access and conveniently positioned service points.

With the Lacertis compact design and reduced height and powerful operation, the Spanish built dump truck is useful for working in tunnels and carparks and easy to transport on conventional trucks. Payloads can vary from 2,500 to 9,000 kgs, supported by a hydrostatic permanent four-wheel drive transmission, oil immersed discs, a tight turning circle, a lighting system, and some are available with an optional self-loading shovel.



Source: Forklift Finder


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