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Large weycor wheel loader in the 2.5m³ class

Along with updated and established models of the AR wheel loaders and rollers, the construction machinery manufacturer Atlas Weyhausen from Wildeshausen is unveiling its new top model, the weycor AR 250e TIER V ready wheel loader. Atlas Weyhausen is thereby extending the weycor series, in which other AR wheel loaders meet the TIER V ready exhaust gas regulation, in the direction of large high-performance loaders.


The new weycor AR 250e is already one of the leading models on the market in the 2.5 m³ class. With its comfort and outstanding performance features, it impresses under tough operating conditions. The Deutz TCD 6.1 engine with DOC/DPF/SCR exhaust system has an output of 160 kW at 2000 rpm and complies with the TIER IV final exhaust gas regulations and even with the TIER V ready regulations, which are not likely to come into force until 2020. The maximum tipping load without hydraulic quick coupler is 8800 kg, putting it at the top of this weight class. The loader can also be supplied with a hydraulic quick coupler that meets ISO 23727. The standard clearance height is 3935 mm with 20.5 R 25 tyres. The standard operating weight of the weycor AR 250e is 13800 kg and the machine has a wheelbase of 3000 mm. 

The Type 40 cab on the weycor AR 250e has been completely redesigned and has a one-piece windscreen. The ROPS values are 15.5 to and the FOPS values correspond to category 1 and 2. A great deal of emphasis has also been placed on operating comfort with the new cab. For example, the new weycor AR 250e has a completely new operating console with an ergonomically redesigned joystick and logical functionality, a highlight that is to be introduced down the line for the weycor 65e and all models above it. Another new feature is the so-called WDC, the weycor Display Control System. All of the driving functions shown on the display are controlled with just one knob, as in a car. Thus, for example, it is possible to switch between the fast running function (50 kph) and inching speed at the press of a button. Pressing the button also allows individual driving with corresponding presets to be selected, with a choice of one of four driving modes – shovel, pallet, eco and road modes. The 7-inch display replaces all of the round instruments. The steering column, the angle and height of which can be adjusted, allows any driver to set up the optimal operating position. The space to the left and right of the driver’s seat corresponds to the dimensions of a Eurobox and it can also be fitted with a cooling box in the factory. The distribution of force over the differential lock which can be engaged is 100% rear axis and 100% front axis with the weycor AR 250e. The hydraulic pump delivers an impressive  flow rate of 200 l/min. With these performance specifications and its user-friendliness, the new weycor AR 250e wheel loader is in the first rank of high-performance loaders of this size. 

Atlas Weyhausen is the only manufacturer to offer the Deutz TD 2.9 L4 diesel engine with DPF system in its weycor AR 65e wheel loader, which has an ABE (General Operating Licence) for DPF and BAFU certification. The weycor AR 65e on display is a fast runner at 50 kph and has a lightweight bucket with teeth. The start-stop system, which has been through a long series of tests, is now available in the weycor models AR 65e to 75e S. A weycor AR65e series machine with the start-stop system and integrated high-flow function is illustrated.

The new AR 80e, which has a new look, has a redesigned bonnet for the transverse Deutz TCD 3.6 L4 engine. The performance figures for the new weycor AR 80e are higher than for its predecessor. The AR 80e can be supplied in a DOC/SCR version as an option, which meets the TIER IV final exhaust gas regulations. Finally, Atlas Weyhausen has its tried and tested weycor AR95e in the TIER IV final version with DOC/SCR and a high-tipping shovel on show. With the DOC/DPF/SCR exhaust gas cleaning system, both weycor wheel loaders, the AR 80e and the AR 95e, already meet the TIER V ready exhaust gas regulation, which is not likely to come into force until 2020.

Atlas Weyhausen is also setting new standards in the field of roller design. The recently developed AW 1070e and AW 1120e rollers are on show. The AW 1070 e is fitted with a Deutz TD 2.9 L4 engine. With DOC (DPF as an option), this machine also meets both versions of the TIER IV final exhaust gas regulations. The chosen tyre size is 16.9-24. The larger AW 1120e with 23.1-26 tyres is equipped with the Cummins QSF 3.8 diesel engine with 97 kW/132 HP and DPF/DOC/SCR, which is also used in all of the rollers from the 1110e to the 1140e.

Source: Atlas Weyhausen GmbH