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Make a big difference while standing still – The hydraulic start-stop system from weycor!

The hydraulic start-stop system from Atlas Weyhausen significantly reduces the total cost of ownership and lowers emissions by up to 45%.


When a weycor wheel loader with this system is not in driving or operating mode, the engine switches off as soon as the additional pressure accumulator required to restart it has been reached. Stopping the engine reduces harmful emissions and saves up to 12% of fuel costs per day because a modern diesel engine in a compact wheel loader requires approximately 2.0 to 2.2 litres of fuel per operating hour when idling. At the same time, noise pollution is almost halved during a typical use of a compact wheel loader because the engine is not running when no power is required. This also results in other advantages such as reduced wear and tear, lower maintenance costs and a higher resale value.

When a pedal or the steering wheel is moved, the engine restarts and reaches its nominal speed again in only 0.2 seconds or 1.5 revolutions thanks to the hydraulic surplus energy store. This takes place much more quickly than with an acceleration from idling at full throttle or when starting with the key. During the restart, the oil pressure from the pressure accumulator is applied to the axial piston unit and the diesel engine restarts. The battery and starter motor are not used in this process.

The advantage over using a seat contact is that the ignition plug is not required for the restart. This saves a considerable amount of time since it is not necessary first to turn the ignition key from its operating position back to its zero position and then restart the wheel loader by doing the same thing in reverse. Resetting the drive to its zero position is also not an automatic process with the seat contact system. None of this is necessary with the hydraulic weycor solution. With the weycor start-stop system, the engine also stops on other occasions in daily use that would not trigger a stop with a seat contact: namely, those periods in which the operator does not leave the driver’s seat but the engine is still idling because of the various waiting cycles that always arise in operation.

The annual total cost of ownership falls significantly with the weycor start-stop system. Service costs are lower as only the actual operating hours are involved. Wear and fuel consumption are cut to the absolute minimum and are not affected by idling periods. Reducing the operating hours increases the service life of the machine and boosts its resale value. As a result of the operating hours avoided, the environment is protected as exhaust gas and noise emissions are significantly reduced.

This technology can be used with any weycor machine with a TD 2.9 engine, but initially is only available for the AR 65e model. A high-flow hydraulic system with high-volume displacement pump is also fitted as standard. You can recognise weycor wheel loaders with the start-stop system by the trademark: “Bluetrac Start - Stop”.

Source: Atlas Weyhausen GmbH

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