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LECTURA Valuation: New features available

New features are available as of May 16, 2024
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New features are available as of May 16, 2024


We are happy to announce that we have today launched a series of new features within LECTURA Valuation and slight user interface changes.


LECTURA Valuation is the gateway to the world of machine appraisal and value analysis, regardless of whether it is a single machine or an entire fleet. It contains valuable and verified information on the development of heavy equipment prices, based on a large amount of collected, cleaned and standardised data points from various sources in the context of the used equipment market.

Our database provides an overview of market values and price developments for more than 160,000 models of construction, agricultural and material handling machinery.

To ensure that our insights are as reliable and accurate as possible, we are constantly updating our data and also continuously improving tools within our software.

LECTURA Valuation upgrade

As of May 17, 2024 new features and tools are available for Premium license users. Some changes also apply to Basic licenses.

List of new features and changes

Pricing market (new)

The residual values are calculated with linear regression model<br>IMAGE SOURCE: LECTURA GmbH

  • Displayed as residual values calculated with linear regression model

  • Calculations are based on data gathered from used equipment market

  • Prices are displayed in two different levels – fair market value (FMV) and auction market value (AMV)

  • Compared to LECTURA pricing, the Market prices are related to more general entities such as model series or ranges

  • FMV and AMV values can differ from purchase/sales prices and they are also usually available for wider years of manufacture range

  • Graphical illustration of residual value depreciation with a general overview for the model

(available only to premium license users)

⭐Market analysis (new)

All insights on listings in one place<br>IMAGE SOURCE: LECTURA GmbH

  • Part of original Price statistics data was moved to original Market analysis data

  • Now you can see all the information about listings found on used equipment market in one place

  • The listings can be analysed and compared with min/max/average prices

  • At a glance - Market observations table and Market analysis table

(available only to premium license users)

⭐Country index (new)

Graphical representation of global model coverage and differences by country<br>IMAGE SOURCE: LECTURA GmbH

  • Browse through a visualization of worldwide market coverage of particular model range

(available only to premium license users)


Pricing LECTURA was previously called Price statistics<br>IMAGE SOURCE: LECTURA GmbH

  • This tab has been renamed and contains the information previously found under Price statistics.

(available to basic/premium license users)

Model index

  • This tool has been removed and replaced with the above mentioned features

⏳We believe that these new features will provide you with a lot of valuable insights into market developments.

For further questions or to request a Demo to try out the new features, please contact us at us at

Source: LECTURA GmbH

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