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Bibenne tipper

Lighter, safer, more powerful: MEILLER presents innovative Bibenne tipper at the INTERMAT 2018 in Paris

The German market leader participates at the Paris fair for construction and infrastructure and features a new highlight: the Bibenne tipper specially developed for the French market. The revised tipper is now available in numerous versions in order to be able to offer each customer an individually adapted working device.


The two-way tipper (French “bi”: two [pages]; “benne”: dumper) is no stranger in France: since 1998, MEILLER has been serving the special requirements of French customers. The popular Bibenne tipper now receives a comprehensive innovation update for its 20th anniversary.
"Our developers were able to save around 100 kilograms compared to the predecessor model. We also wanted to complement safety features, improve user comfort, and provide more power," says product manager Christoph Thanner. With the newly developed Compas tilting joint, the B321 three-axle model achieves a nominal load of 21 tonnes, while the B428 four-axle model even achieves 28 tonnes.

"Shippers of bulk cargo will appreciate the higher loading volume with the same side wall height, while general cargo carriers will benefit from the pallet width of the new Bi-benne tipper," Thanner says. In addition, the various variants with many equipment options are available, which offer the customer an individually adapted product. For example, in addition to the Porte Universelle, which is frequently encountered in France, MEILLER also offers a new hydraulic rear wall to choose from.

The customer can choose robust side wall and bottom eyelets in individual load securing packages. Coordinated roller and sliding tarpaulins fulfill specific customer requirements.MEILLER Bibenne

However, the sturdy MEILLER tipping hydraulics and the Bordmatik, which can fold down the hydraulic side wall almost 180 °, are always on hand. "With the new Bibenne, we are offering the French market a tipper in the usual high MEILLER quality. The numerous innovations make the Bibenne tipper a promising investment for our customers in every implementation, "summarizes Christoph Thanner. "In addition to all the new features, we want to enable our customers above all an economical operation." The variants B321 and B428 are available from April 2018 for the models of many vehicle manufacturers, from 31 October also with hydraulic rear wall and as B421 with loading crane

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For more than 160 years, the MEILLER brand has stood for superior-quality products which offer customers major advantages. The Munich-based F. X. MEILLER GmbH & Co KG company has traditionally supplied the construction and waste management sector with tipping vehicles, versatile hooklifts, skip handlers and innovative hydraulic systems. Customers can obtain steel constructions, hydraulic systems and control electronics from a single provider. The unique compatibility of components demonstrates the efficiency and operational reliability of MEILLER products. They are created in four MEILLER plants in Europe. Their quality bears a single name: MEILLER.

Source: F. X. MEILLER Fahrzeug- und Maschinenfabrik-GmbH & Co KG