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Live demonstrations attract decision-makers

The recycling aktiv and TiefbauLive double trade fair appeals to specialized audiences


There’s tremendous demand for exhibition areas at the 2017 recycling aktiv and TiefbauLive double demo fair in Karlsruhe. Karlsruher Messe- und Kongress-GmbH (KMK), which organizes this event, has enlarged the originally planned areas, which are already almost completely booked four months in advance of the fair. “This strong response reaffirms the attractiveness of the fair’s time-tested concept, which prioritizes practical, realistic demonstrations of the machinery and equipment. As its new organizer, we look forward to continuing to evolve this unique fair at its new location”, says Claudia Nötzelmann, team leader at KMK.

Kai Conrads, sales director the D-A-CH region at Doppstadt Umwelttechnik, concurs with her view: “The double trade fair has always been an important event for us. Its uniqueness lies in the live demos of the machinery. This gives the fair’s visitors a good impression of how the machines function and perform. We like to use recycling aktiv because the specialists who come to this fair belong to an important target group for us: they’re owners and decision-makers from companies in the recycling industry. We’re very curious about the new venue in Karlsruhe, which makes the demo fair even more attractive for us. We’ll primarily demonstrate machine solutions that efficiently support the reprocessing of biomaterials and waste wood, e.g. equipment for shredding and separation.”

recycling aktiv is the most important trade fair of 2017 for Hammel Recyclingtechnik, which is participating for the fifth time at this fair, where the company plans to show its product assortment to German and international audiences, which particularly appreciate realistic practical demonstrations. The company is convinced that this unique and dynamic double trade fair attracts decision-makers from the relevant industries, who come to the fair to witness the newest technologies in action. As in previous years, Hammel will not only present itself at a large stand, but will also be represented at the “Scrap & Metal Yard”, where visitors can witness the diversity and high performance of a mobile metal-processing facility. At the stand, visitors can see custom-tailored solutions for shredding various types of wood – live and in action, of course.

Gipo AG has manufactured processing facilities for the stone and earthmoving industry and the recycling sector since 1982. This company fabricates its products entirely on its own premises in Switzerland. Gipo’s special strength is its ability to create individualized solutions in response to customers’ requests. The double trade fair is a “must-attend” event for executive board member Marc Glarner: “We have exhibited at recycling aktiv twice before and we’re looking forward to our third participation at the new venue in Karlsruhe, which promises to further boost the success of this fair, where we accurately encounter our target customers. Southern Germany is not very far away from our company’s headquarters, so this territory is one of our most important and largest regional target markets. We’ll present impact-crushing equipment at the fair.”

Kölsch GmbH, which is headquartered in Heimertingen, represents well-known manufacturers of crushers, sieving and conveyor systems in southern Germany. Sales director Sean McCusker says that Kölsch will display two Ecotec machines at recycling aktiv this year: “The Ecotec product series from Terex Environmental Equipment consists of high-quality machines to shred and reprocess wood, biomass, and wastes. The comprehensive portfolio ranges from high-performance horizontal shredders to drum screen machines. The time-tested and well-thought-out products repeatedly surprise experts by providing special solutions that make these devices unique.” Kölsch’s participation at the fair also positions the company as a supplier of innovative recycling solutions for wood, biomass, and wastes. Other machines at Kölsch’s stand will likely include a gigantic belt conveyor from Telestack and Portafill sieves.

The recycling aktiv and TiefbauLive double trade fair takes place on the campus of the Trade Fair Centre in Karlsruhe from 27 to 29 April 2017. Purchasing an admission ticket entitles the ticketholder to visit both fairs.

Source: MK Medien Kommunikation; Karlsruher Messe- und Kongress GmbH