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Successful Premiere of the Demo Trade Fairs at Their New Location in Karlsruhe

A successful change of location: from 27 to 29 April, representatives of the international recycling and underground construction industry met at the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre, which served for the first time as the showplace of the recycling aktiv and TiefbauLive double trade fair. Some 7,500 registered specialized visitors encountered 600 consultants from the exhibiting companies. On 76,500 square metres of area, 202 exhibitors from 14 countries presented the full spectrum of the newest underground-construction machines and recycling facilities. Market leaders such as Doppstadt, JCB, Wacker Neuson and Zeppelin were enthusiastic about the new venue and evaluated their participation as successful.


“Strong satisfaction among exhibitors and visitors alike showed that we achieved our goal. It also encourages us to continue to evolve the trade fair for 2019, when it will again highlight the live demonstrations that make it unique” summarized Britta Wirtz, managing director of Karlsruher Messe- und Kongress GmbH.

A survey of the visitors showed that this specialized trade fair has a nationwide character and international magnetism. One quarter of the fair’s participants travelled more than 300 kilometres to attend the event. Nine percent of the visitors were from foreign countries.

47 of the 202 exhibitors took advantage of the opportunity to demonstrate their products at their own stands. One such exhibitor was Goudsmit, a Dutch company. “We brought our 27-tonne nonferrous-metals cutter to Karlsruhe. The campus here is ideally suited for demonstrating the separation of ferrous and nonferrous metals”, says Roland Metsemakers, Sales Manager Recycling Germany, Goudsmit Magnetic Systems BV.

Numerous federal associations brought their competence to the four action areas at the double trade fair. The VDMA, for example, was the godfather of the newly conceived action area for Wood & Biomass. Komptech GmbH from Austria participated here with its dual-shaft shredder and a new star screen with excess-length return. “I like trade fairs where things move and happen. That’s why it was so important – and so hugely successful – for us to participate in Wood & Biomass. The length, the moderation and the frequency of the demonstrations were outstanding”, says Ewald Konrad, Sales Director.

Also new: the special show of plastic recycling in Hall 2. Organized for the fair by the bvse, this show showed the diverse items that can be fabricated anew from plastic wastes. Visitors could stroll through a park-like landscape with a pond, a jetty and park benches; they were also welcome to try out playground equipment made from recycled plastics. Other useful objects made from recycled plastics were likewise on display: these included stands for construction-site fences, noise-protection barriers, load carriers and even entire channel shafts.

Alongside these newly conceived attractions, the Scrap & Metal action area was again a magnet for visitors this year. All typical phases in the work of a modern scrapyard, e.g. shredding, handling and recovery, were demonstrated on its 2,000 square metres of area.

The exemplary construction sites for road construction and channel building, which were initiated by the VDBUM, served as the venues for demonstrations by Ammann, the Swiss underground-construction specialist, which presented its asphalt roller and other equipment in practical deployment. This exhibitor was especially satisfied with the overall organization: “We felt that the team at the Karlsruhe Trade Fair is a well-rehearsed troop. They responded to every request and they made everything possible. Not everybody can accomplish that!” enthused Gudrun Oestern, Marketing and Sales, Ammann Verdichtung GmbH.

The exhibitors praised the number and quality of the visitors. “Our summary is very, very positive. We were pleasantly surprised that so many keenly interested visitors, especially decision makers, were already onsite early each morning. Shortly before the lunch break, my boys were really out of breath – that was terrific”, says Lars Holzhey, CEO of Schwab GmbH. Holzhey’s impression is confirmed by the data from the survey of visitors, 96.2% of whom were specialized visitors. The high percentage of decision makers deserves special emphasis: 80% of the visitors play significant roles in their companies’ investment decisions.

For Steffen Hanus, CEO of Wirtgen Augsburg, the synthesis of both branches of industry is a factor for success: “I like the trade fair’s concept very much. This unification of two trade fairs is perfect for us. And we’re very, very happy with the surroundings here in Karlsruhe. Everything is first rate.”

Dr. Friedhelm Rese is CEO of Geoplan GmbH, the former organizer and the present-day cooperating partner of the double trade fair. He summarizes: “The relocation to a new venue succeeded optimally. The hall spaces are ideal. They also provided the venue for the specialized forum and for the unprecedented special show of plastic recycling, which the bvse organized. All in all, I’m very happy about our excellent cooperation.”

New products at the double trade fair:

Not only demonstrations, but also innovations: several exhibitors brought genuinely new items to Karlsruhe. Riedlberger GmbH, for example, unveiled a new, fully hydraulic, quick-coupler system that sets new standards for locking and safety. The hook-up onto the quick-coupler system is conceived so that the accessory equipment cannot fall off, even if it hasn’t been properly locked in place. This offers the greatest possible protection for construction-site personnel. The visual lock display is integrated into the accessory equipment so the user doesn’t receive the visual signal unless the quick-change system is in the right position and correctly coupled with the accessory equipment.

Safe work with accessory equipment was likewise an important topic for MTS Maschinentechnik Schrode, which specializes in automation. This company presented a new control panel for its tilt rotators. The panel shows the driver in his cab the individual operating steps when changing accessory equipment on the tilt rotator and thus offers him control via secure locking. The panel, which had been shown as a study at bauma one year previously, was now demonstrated at TiefbauLive as a market-mature, serially manufactured product in practical deployment on an excavator.

Komptech, the leading supplier of machines for the preparation of woody biomass as a renewable energy source, debuted its new mobile star-screen device at the Wood & Biomass action area. The Multistar One can prepare wood and biomass even more efficiently than predecessor devices. When separating the useable portion, excessively long material isn’t ejected, but automatically returned to the shredder via a return conveyer belt with a 220° pivoting radius. Equipped with an extra-large screen deck, this device can achieve throughput rates as high as 200 m3 per hour.

Steinert, which specializes in sorting and separation, presented the EddyC Fines, its new separator for nonferrous metals such as aluminium, copper or zinc. This device’s splitter can be precisely preset to the nearest millimetre and facilitates a significantly higher separation precision so that very fine material can be successfully separated. The open construction of its new C frame makes this separator especially convenient for servicing and maintenance. Belts can be changed in just ten minutes, without heavy equipment, and by only two workmen with wrenches. This contributes to greater adaptability in the choice of belts and optimally convenient installation of belts.

The next recycling aktiv and TiefbauLive will take place at Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre from 5 to 7 September 2019.

Additional quotations from exhibitors:

HS-Schoch GmbH & Co. KG       

“The trade fair was a complete success for us. If we can sign similarly superlative contracts next time, it would be a truly incredible success. Our incoming orders were actually better here that at bauma. That’s why I’ve already booked the same stand for 2019.”

Hermann Schoch, Managing Director and Partner, HS-Schoch GmbH & Co. KG

Werner Doppstadt Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co. KG

“I’m impressed by the perfect organization. I especially liked the advance communication. The double trade fair was also often present in the media – that’s important.”

Thomas Willeke, Marketing Director, Werner Doppstadt Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co. KG

JCB Deutschland GmbH

“This location here in Karlsruhe is an obvious improvement compared to the previous venue at Baden Airpark. The guidance for visitors is clear and logically structured. We’re satisfied.”

Dr. Martin Thelen, Marketing Director, JCB Deutschland GmbH

Source: MK Medien Kommunikation