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Lonking Releases Six New Forklifts with improved reduction of noise and vibration at CeMAT 2016

“All Lonking products for the European market not only adhere to all strict standards, they are also fully customizable to meet the customers’ requirements for forklifts of different  tonnage as well as special configuration,” said Robert Wang, general manager of Lonking (Fujian) International Trade Co., Ltd.


The flagship model LPG forklift LG25GLT with certified PSI2.4 dual fuel gasoline engine replaces the traditional rigid connection of the transmission with a flexible connection that effectively reduces the rigid impact of components and also the vibration during the operation.

Compared with vehicles of the same tonnage, the 3-wheel electric forklift LG16BE reduces the turning radius by 20 percent, which allows more flexible operation and is ideal for narrow spaces. The LG16BE keeps noise levels at minimum and the ergonomic design places the operating rod on the right side for better operation experience.

The other two forklifts presented at CeMAT were the LG20BQIII and LG20DR, both equipped with the Curtis controller, OPS system and Chinese made side shifter.

In addition to the models currently on display at CeMAT, Lonking has also developed a small tonnage diesel forklift for the European market that meets Euro IV emission standards.

For safety assurances, all six new forklifts adopt the OPS intelligent operating system, which can effectively prevent accidents if the driver leaves the seat by automatically shutting off the machine’s electric and hydraulic systems.

The ideal layout of components as well as independent electric and hydraulic systems ensures easy access and maintenance, and Lonking’s global after-sales service network supplies parts and technical support.